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Hi, everyone. We have a problem. I was getting ready to post a new story when I discovered that commenting here is effectively broken for me. I use the same custom journal style for the community as I do for my personal journal, and I can't read comments here or there. While I assume live journal people can load comments by using using style=mine, no one from the outside can read comments or follow the discussion.

I have filed a support request and assume I will hear back eventually. If the problem is that the custom style is no longer being supported, we can do one of three things. I can try to get some help to fix what's wrong with this style from the person who made it for me. It may be something very simple for her to figure out and fix. Failing that, I can ask if she'll design something else for us with similar features, and keep the banner. I love our banner. As a last resort, we can move to Dreamwidth, where the community is being mirrored.

This is the support request: http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=1910348

In addition, it appears that I can't preview new posts. Nice one. Previews are back.

EDIT: I did get an answer back from Support about the problem. The recent update broke commenting on many customized journal styles based on Flexible Squares. Supposedly, they're working on a fix.
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