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It's a good thing we just got finished with an apocafic, because this year we're going to have two fics for Christmas and they're both sweet and generally happy little stories. Everyone is welcome to comment on both, or only one, in either order, at any time.

The first one is an AU season 9-ish fic in which Mulder and Scully spend Christmas together with their infant son. It's also probably the most homey, domestic fic I'm ever going to rec. *g* But don't let my Scrooge impression scare you off. It's nice, and there's an interesting little twist to Mulder and Scully's world, amidst all the domestic bliss.

Epiphany by Maybe Amanda

In the second fic, Mulder and Scully spend Christmas Eve stranded while on the road. It's set in any one of the early/mid seasons, and it's nothing complicated, just a sweetly romantic little vignette.

How to Fly by Oracle

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and seasonal well wishes to all who don't.

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I meant to post this next story a week ago. Where has the time gone?

I debated whether or not to even post this here as it's long and kind of angsty. Okay, it's very angsty. On the Prufrock Reader Torture Scale, with zero being angst-free (there is no angst-free prufrock story as far as I know, at least none that I would recommend) and ten being "Negative Utopia" or maybe "The Wasteland," this rates at least a seven. It is neither season eight fic nor is it season nine, but William is there and so is Mulder so I am classifying it as season nine, AU, PG-13.

I have no idea why I like this story as much as I do, given that I hate babyfic and season nine, but prufrock writes a lovely, believable Mulder, negotiating his way through fatherhood under the worst possible circumstances, plus there's some mytharc thrown in for good measure.

You can't send the author feedback because she disabled her email address even before she quit writing fic. But you can let us know! Love it? Hate it? Even a one line review would gladden my heart. Leave suggestions for next time here as always. I promise we will get to them eventually.

On the eve of the demise of geocities, something amazing happened. Someone decided to try to save it all and move it to their own servers. Seriously. They are calling it "reocities." To see if a geocities site has been put back up by this wonderful, wacky person, just type in the old url, substituting an "r" for the "g" and voila, there it will be, maybe.

Courtesy of Reocities, here is "The 13th Sign".

I love the internet.
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It has been suggested that perhaps we need a break from angst, so the planned Tesla three-parter has been postponed that we may clear our heads. We can tackle it next week. This week I bring you Pasta!fic. The author says it's babyfic written to sounds of the Breeders' "Last Splash." I have no idea what that means but if [livejournal.com profile] estella_c thinks it's worth reading, that's good enough for me.

"Al Dente"

That link is "reocitied" now; if it goes down, let me know. Or you can find it at Gossamer.

Read, give feedback to the author, encourage her to move her site, give us suggestions for next time. Did I leave anything out? Oh, that's right. Was it good for you, too?

If you just have to have something else to read, try "Kinesthesia". It, of course, is not on her author's page, it's misfiled under Amy, her real name (or is that another fandom name?). Whatever. Gossamer works well until it just doesn't. It's a casefile, NC-17. Yes, of course, I'd like to know how you liked that one, too. Enjoy!
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When [livejournal.com profile] lightlack nominated this story back in May, I asked if she would mind if we delayed discussing it until XFIWTBPPPTFAT! She was gracious enough to agree.

This might be an interesting story to compare and contrast to Anjou's "Ghosts," as it has many of the same elements: Mulder and Scully are on the lam, and hey, look, there's William, too. JET has a lyrical style that works especially well in this lovely, post-"The Truth" vignette.

Untitled: Scenes for Quiescence

As always, let the author know what you think, let us know what you think and give us your suggestions for after XFIWTBPPPTFAT!
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We're back with another post-Truth ficlet: "One & Only, First & Last" by [livejournal.com profile] onpaperfirst. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] frey_at_last for the recommendation!

My favorite line: "They were never the sort of people who would drive to a winery on a Sunday afternoon, unless, maybe, a dead body had been found jammed in a vat of merlot."

Love it? Hate it? Post-Truth fics just aren't your thing? Then you know what to do: give us a suggestion for next time!
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Happy Friday, and welcome to the beginning of the "X-Files: I Want to Believe" pre-premiere post-"Truth" fic-a-thon, or as I like to call it, the XFIWTBPPPTFAT.

To start us off, we've got "Ghosts" by Anjou. It's obviously set post-series, and it features our dear baby William and Mulder's enhanced telepathic abilities after his encounter with the piece of the alien ship. It's shippy, but not without its angst. Something for (almost) everyone!

It's not very long, so you should have no trouble finishing it by the time we reach our next story. I've read this one before, and I think it's solid. Very moody and atmospheric and a relatively light read...I recommend printing this one out to take to the beach with you. It's PG-13, so you won't embarrass yourself if your pages should happen to flutter away in the breeze (not that this has ever happened to me).

Read "Ghosts" here or on Gossamer.

And please give us suggestions for future stories!
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This week's selection is The Unfinished Universe by Revely.

Classification: S/MSR/ This story wasn't AU when I started it,but now it is.
Spoilers: Through Badlaa
Feedback: revely_c@yahoo.com, or Revely@my-deja.com
A Note about the Timeline: This story contains spoilers for the first ten episodes of Season 8, but assumes that those episodes took place over the course of Scully's pregnancy (instead of just two or three months.) It also assumes that 'Requiem' took place in September, not May. Since this does not include spoilers for "Per Manum," it *really* doesn't include spoilers. Meaning, in this universe, the flashbacks from PM never happened.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lightlack for the nomination.

As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.
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This week's post was nominated by[personal profile] wendelah1. That would be me. I read this story for the first time this year, although it was originally posted back in September 2000. It is rated PG for a couple of naughty words, the category is VRA, although I haven't a clue what that is supposed to mean. The author's summary says: "A minivan, some classic rock, and a trunk full of babygear. All is not as it appears." Yes folks, this is AU, MSR, babyfic and songfic. Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy it, too. I don't know why Sarah Segretti never archived it but here it is:

Let us know what you think; let the author know what you think; and please, let us know your suggestions for next time.
Come on, people, we know you are out there! Please,  I am at home on disability and I am lonely and bored! Don't make me beg...

Edit: as pointed out, by [info]tree, this story is also at Gossamer, and on her webpage, which is somewhere out there in cyberspace. My bad, folks. I should have looked closer... her webpage is now down. But Gossamer lives!


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