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This novel was nominated back in September 2015 by [livejournal.com profile] rainatlas. It was a WIP at the time and I've been burned enough times that I'm wary of WIPs. I'm allergic to fanfic about William. Despite my reservations, I trust [livejournal.com profile] rainatlas's judgement. I read the two sections that had been posted and agreed it was a fic worth our time. On September 24, 2016, Lamia (so kiss me goodbye) at long last completed the epic. And here we go...

"The Lambs"
Author: so kiss me goodbye
Summary: Mulder and Scully kidnap William.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Family - [F. Mulder, D. Scully] William - Chapters: 44 - Words: 189,372

Author's Note: "This is a colonization adventure told from a child's perspective (excluding the prologue), and includes strong language, violence and gore, and themes that may upset."

Please leave feedback for the author. Love it, hate it, or "it's complicated," we'd love to hear your thoughts about "The Lambs." Remember, the nomination post is always open for your suggestions.

EDIT: I found a comment in the spam folder for this post that wasn't spam. It provided a link to this story at AO3. The Lambs.

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I'd been thinking about posting this so when it was nominated by an anonymous lurker, I decided to go ahead. It's a major new work by a talented writer. Dear Anon, thanks for the suggestion. I hope you will join the discussion.

Title: SN 1572
Author: prufrock's love
Email: prufrockslove@yahoo.com
Rating: NC-17
Classification: Novel, Post-colonization, Angst, Dark MSR, Other
Summary: After colonization and Earth's devastation, Scully remains in one of the few safe, walled colonies, remembering the past and praying for some future with Mulder. Whatever the hell Mulder has become.
Author's Note: A reworking of Negative Utopia

This fic follows the general outline of "Negative Utopia," which we read many years ago. If you want to see that discussion, here it is, along with a working link to the story: Story 76: "Negative Utopia" by prufrock's love. The changes to her earlier fic are more than substantial enough to warrant the re-titling. I loved "Negative Utopia," and, to be honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this fic. I am happy to report "SN 1572" is also an excellent story, though not without its flaws.

Read SN 1572.

After you've read the story, please come back and let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.
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First, your Fanfiction BINGO Update. We're getting so close! Come on, people, we can do this. We still need a story for each of the following categories: Aah-aaah!, Best Friends, MY ASS, and Straight People Do Not Exist in This AU. I can imagine exactly what the latter would look like. It would be an AU with these pairings: Mulder/Krycek, Skinner/Doggett (don't tell me you can't see it) and Scully/Reyes. Someone, somewhere must have written this fic.

Like a good little mod, I am trying to stick to the nomination queue. I'm working backwards, which means if you nominated something last year, we will get to you this year, but if you nominated something in 2008, chances are you've moved on long ago, maybe to Fringe, or to the Sherlock fandom, or possibly The Walking Dead. Sorry about that, folks.

Last year, an anonymouse nominated--something else--by Analise, a something else I didn't care for. We've never done one of her fics and I couldn't bear the idea of doing something that seemed so--uncharacteristically sentimental. So because I'm Bad Mod Wendy, I decided to be contrary and post her post-col/thriller fic, which I read a long time ago and remember liking. What can I say? I like post-col stories.

This is the pretty, illustrated version, but there is a text file on the site, too, if that's your preference.

SUMMARY: Colonization has come and gone, taking civilization with it. But not necessarily civilzation's monsters.

Read A Thin Veneer
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To those who celebrated, I hope you had a happy Christmas.

If you were hoping for Christmas recs, sorry, I'm fresh out. Try our holiday tag. You can check out this Tumblr rec post, too. For the "access denied" Gossamer links, just highlight and hit enter.

Since the beginning of the month, I've been driving the [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, doing one last set of recs for The X-Files before the community closes for good the middle of January.

"A World to Save" is one of the stories I posted to [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. Since I reformatted this and put it up at Fugues, I thought it might be a good choice for discussion. It's Scully-centric, dark but not unrelievedly so, in the way so many post-colonization stories are. I think it's one of the best colonization stories out there, right up there in quality with "Life During Wartime," although vastly different in scope and content.

Read A World to Save. Let us know what you think, where possible, leave feedback for the author, and put your suggestions in the nomination post.
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Our next fic is a relatively short colonization apocafic. To my knowledge, Teanna is a largely unknown author in the XF fandom. She only ever wrote three short XF fics, but her writing is spare, intelligent, sharply observant, and poetic without being wordy. She unflinchingly explores the characters and how they cope with fear, grief, and failure. I should definitely warn everyone that this story is, as the title suggests, bleak. Teanna warns readers that it’s "not a happy story," but at the risk of spoiling everyone, I should probably warn you that major character death is strongly implied and death in general is pretty ubiquitous in this story. This is the apocalypse portrayed with more grim realism than usual.

I hope some of you will read it anyway. There’s plenty in this fic to discuss, and I think summertime is probably the best time to read it, so that those of us who are particularly susceptible to gut-wrenching fanfic can shake off the darkness with a healthy dose of sunlight afterwards.

Read In the Bleak.

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As promised, we now return to our originally scheduled programming.

So. "Tangible" by Blueswirl. This was nominated by [livejournal.com profile] badforthefish. It's post-col, MSR. NC-17, probably. It has some sequels co-written with Meredith but we are reading this as a stand-alone since the Fish says they aren't of the same caliber as the original. Also, I'm pretty sure that series was never finished.

I have no idea if Blueswirl is still around, maybe under another name and posting in a different fandom or just hanging with her homies. If she is, let her know we're discussing her fic.

The nomination post is always ready for your suggestions. The link to it is on the Link List and the Tags List and in the profile so I never have to type it again.

Read "Tangible".
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Despite the ongoing DDoS problems, I'd say discussion has been going well so far.

As before, post comments on specific sections with the title of the story on the subject line. If someone has already commented on the story you want to discuss, please help us by commenting in that thread, too. Post general comments anywhere you like.

The stories get more painful from here, but damn, what an engrossing read this series is. Wow. I'd remembered it was good but I'd almost forgotten just how scary and how heartbreaking this gets. The writing is concise yet vivid, with a cinematic quality to it. It feels like there's not a word wasted; it just pulls you in, then pulls you under.

Life During Wartime

9. Whose Frail Warmth

10. Cheating the God of Fire

11. Breakdown

12. Fimbulwinter

13. The Unfathomable Distance of Stars

14. Gonna Be Different This Time
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Life During Wartime is arguably The X-Files fandom's most epic colonization apocafic. It is also, of all the colonization fics I've read, the one I hold to be the best. I believe [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 agrees with me. In fact, this was the fic that got her into The X-Files fandom to begin with. As such things rightly disseminate, she was the one who then prompted me to read it two years ago. I really hope that if you haven't read it yet you'll read it with us and see what you think. If you have read it already, I hear the comments thread is recruiting public speakers at this very moment. *g*

One of the things that makes Life During Wartime so unique is the way it was written: Four authors who had already contributed many well-read fics to our fandom got together and collaborated on writing this one massive, often wrenching, unusually poignant adventure. They took turns, they wrote compassionately but unflinchingly, and over a period of several years (yup, years) they wrote some of their best work. In the end there were fifteen interconnected stories, ranging anywhere from one page in length to over a hundred pages. All together they make up Life During Wartime. It's the story of colonization from an impressive array of POVs, it covers a lot of ground, and spans a fair amount of time. It's got wholesale destruction, small scale devastation, terror, helplessness, bravery, hope, love -- plus the whole XF gang doing the very best they can amidst the pandemonium.

Notes for Commenting on the Fic:

We're going to be covering the first eight stories of the Life During Wartime saga this week, and next week [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 will post the other seven. If you want to comment on each part as you go along, or if you read it all at once but would like to comment on one or two specific parts anyway, please title your comment with the title(s) of the fic(s) you're primarily commenting on. If you see that someone has already commented on the part you're commenting on, please post your comment on their thread. This way people who want to discuss a specific part of the fic will see the common thread title and know where that conversation is happening. People who don't remember to do this will be shamed publicly. KIDDING. It's not a big deal, no one is going to give you a hard time if you forget or get confused. And if your comment is more general - focused on more than two parts - then by all means title it however you want and post it wherever you see fit.

1. High on a Hillside
Mulder's POV, by Maria Nicole

2. What Good Are Notebooks
Scully's POV, by cofax

3. A Place Where Nobody Knows
Teena Mulder, by Maria Nicole

4. No Time for Dancing
Suzanne Modeski / The Lone Gunmen, by cofax

5. What You Don't Know
Charlie Scully, by Marasmus

6. Stand By the Window
or, Things to Do in Dulwich When You're Dead, by Marasmus

7. Held Nor Free
Skinner, by cofax

8. Getting Used to Gunfire
Maggie Scully, by cofax

And here's a youtube link to Life During Wartime by The Talking Heads. It's quirky and fun, and once you've read the fic you'll never be able to listen to the song without thinking, OMG ALIEN COLONIZATION.

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Some of you will have seen the movie already, some of you won't. Here, we are still spoiler-free and busy discussing the ways that it could have been.

Today we have a spare but elegant apocalyptic vignette...


Author: cofax
Rating: all ages
Category: MSR (of sorts), AU/apocafic
Summary: She came back.

As for the rest, if you don't know the drill by now, you ought to!


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