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I ran into this story while perusing the YA author Malinda Lo's website. There's a small section of non-fiction which she wrote in grad school, and a website devoted to Dana Scully, which includes a small archive of Scully-centric fanfic. Yes, Malinda Lo is an X-Phile. I decided to reread some of the stories. This lovely story was in the section called "Disease/Dis-Ease." It's set during season two, after Scully has returned to work following her abduction.

Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,900
Author's Note: Takes place in November 1994 between "Firewalker" and "Irresistible." For the purposes of fiction I'm eliminating the month-long quarantine Mulder mentions at the end of "Firewalker."

Read "Loss of Yesterday": at Dreamwidth | as a txt file

You can leave feedback for the writer at DW. Please let us know what you think.

The nomination post is open for business, waiting for your suggestions.
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Hi! I had spotty internet access the later part of March so [livejournal.com profile] amyhit kindly filled in for my last turn. I'm bypassing the queue this time around to suggest a story I've been meaning to reread for at least six months. "Laws of Motion" is a sequel to "Universal Invariants," which we discussed back in November, 2010. If you haven't read her first story, you won't get as much out of the sequel. (But you totally should read UI! It's my favorite of [livejournal.com profile] syntax6's stories!)

However, if you don't want to read "Universal Invariants" before tackling "Laws of Motion," here's a brief summary: "Universal Invariants" is an au in which Scully is living with her boyfriend Ethan (who was deleted from the pilot) when she is assigned to the X-Files. The novel spans all of season one and the beginning of season two through "One Breath," and has scenes from many of the episodes artfully woven through it. There is also an original casefile, which is the B plot, with the A plot being their developing partnership, and the effect it has on her personal life, especially her relationship with Ethan. HUGE SPOILER here: Scully gets engaged to Ethan after the X-Files are closed down, then has sex (amazing sex!) with Mulder while they are in Arecibo, Puerto Rico during "Little Green Men." Major awkwardness ensues, Mulder and Scully never discuss it, and she is too ashamed to tell Ethan. Then Scully is kidnapped by Duane Barry. Months later, when she is returned, not only is she missing time from the abduction, she can't remember earlier events, including what happened at Arecibo. Mulder can't bring himself to tell her. She never regains the lost memories, but breaks up with Ethan anyway. The End.

So. "Laws of Motion" picks up at the beginning of season five, just after "Redux 2." Scully is cured of cancer and Mulder has just brought her home from the hospital, when there is a phone call from her ex-boyfriend, Ethan. He's in jail, accused of murdering a colleague, and wants their help. Like "Universal Invariants," "Laws of Motion" is structured around a casefile, the murder Ethan has been accused of committing, but the story's focus is squarely on the secret (from the previous story) Mulder has been keeping from Scully and the consequences of that deception. It's a fun read and I remember loving it almost as much as "Universal Invariants."

"Universal Invariants"

"Laws of Motion"

Send feedback, tell Syntax6 we miss her, and please come back to let us know what you thought.
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First, thank you to [livejournal.com profile] amyhit for posting a story and moderating discussion in my absence. She noticed that nothing had been posted for...quite some time, pm'd me and came to my rescue. If there is anyone else out there who wishes to post their own recs, rather than have me do it, please let me know. I am the moderator, but this is our community. As always, the nomination post is awaiting your suggestions.

No discussion of fanfiction set during the early seasons is complete without "Universal Invariants." Yes, you've all heard of the story and most of you have probably read it, too. If you are like me, you've read it more than once, especially Chapter 12. *cough*. In "Universal Invariants," [livejournal.com profile] syntax6 takes the canon from season one and early season two, adds an au twist, throws in a tasty casefile, mixes in plenty of UST, Mulder/Scully banter and some angsty relationship stuff, and presents us with a fanfiction classic.

In this story, the twist is this: what if Ethan's scene hadn't been cut out of the pilot and Scully had been allowed to have a life of her own, apart from Mulder and the X-files? How would the storyline have been changed? How would it have stayed the same? This story is long and engrossing, so give yourself plenty of time. If you haven't already done so, don't forget to send the writer feedback!

Read "Universal Invariants".
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Continuing our theme of early seasons fanfic, [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 has kindly let me post Butterfly. Apparently Oracle went looking for post eps for Excelsis Dei, and finding none, she decided to write one herself. It was fandom's good fortune that she did. What she wrote is a charming little AU with both a strong emotional arc and a perilous mystery for Mulder and Scully to get to the bottom of - all in just 30K.

Butterfly is the kind of fic Goldilocks would approve of - not too schmoopy, not to angsty, not too plain, not too purple, not too fluffy, not too hard-boiled. Just right. Besides, who doesn't love seeing baby Mulder and Scully be awesome and adorable together?

I read this fic recently for the first time myself, and as you can tell I'm rather fond of it. But that's just me, what do the rest of you think?

Read an excerpt )

You can read Butterfly on Oracle's website, or, if the pretty blue text distracts you and you don't mind fiddling with the link a bit, you can read it on her Gossamer page instead.

Remember, feedback makes an author happy, and suggestions make us happy.
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Although participation has been down the past few weeks, we keep adding members. And watchers, and lurkers, too.


"Dance" is a unique story. It is not exactly a casefile, although there is a case, of a sort. It's not exactly a romance, either, but it is about Mulder and Scully, and about their partnership, their friendship. Their unspoken mutual attraction. The setting, bohemian South Street in Philadelphia, plays a big role. The denizens of South Street, the alternative street scene, the gay bars, the clubs, all play their parts to perfection. This story is a vivid snapshot of a particular time and place.

It's near the beginning of season two. The X-Files are shut down. Scully is back doing autopsies and teaching, Mulder is stuck in his cubicle, listening to reel after reel of audio surveillance tape. Out of the blue, Mulder gets a call from an old friend, who wants him to come to South Street to investigate a murder, off the books.

Rattling the car keys again he looked away, then looked back. “Hey, do you want to come? Sleep on the floor? See a few bars? Live the bohemian life?”

“You’re going to Philly to check out the bars?”

“No, a demon. Wooooooo. Spooky, huh? Want to come?”

Of course, at 5:00 on Friday, he takes off to chase his demon. When Scully's weekend plans fall through, she decides a trip to Philadelphia doesn't sound half bad, even if she does have to sleep on the floor. Scully still thinks of herself as Dana. She still thinks she can have a life.

The writing is terrific: concise, even spare yet evocative. I liked this story enough that I spent the better part of a day reformatting it so I could post it to Fugues Fiction Archive. If you love to read text files, of course, you can read it at Dith's Page at Gossamer.

Why have we not heard of "Dance"? I'm just guessing, but perhaps genfic, with subtle ust, was much more common, and dare I say it, more appreciated back in 1995. Yes, you read that right. This story was posted to Gossamer in March, 1995.

Just for a little extra treat, here's an itty-bitty post-IWTB vignette by Voleuse, "The Ignorance of Loving". It's short but sweet, so leave some feedback.

Dith, if by some chance you're reading, thanks for the memories. Early second season Mulder and Scully. Yum.

Read "Dance", then let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open.
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These two short stories by Syntax6 were written last year as a gift for MaybeAmanda, and were supposed to be the beginning of a series. I am still hoping they will be.

These are not holiday fluff, so if you would rather read that instead, go to The Xmas Files and try Blue Christmas by Plausible Deniability, or Black Cherry Velvet by Michelle Kiefer or any number of the stories archived there.

If you want more serious Christmas fic that might fit into canon, I loved Bardsmaid's The Night Before.

What I found I wanted to reread this year were these two tender, poignant stories, one set in season one, when their partnership is still new, and one in season two, set before Scully returns to the X-files division, after her abduction. If we all give Syntax6 feedback, maybe she will write us another one.

Roman a Clef
A Midnight Clear

Merry Christmas, everyone.
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I was going to post a long, long casefile this week, because it's next in line. Then I changed my mind. It's nearly Halloween, as [livejournal.com profile] estella_c reminded me, so here instead is her rec for this charming tale by Oracle.

Classification: SRA
Rated: PG-13
Key Words: Mulder/Scully romance, sallie safe. Spoilers: Duane Barry, Ascension, One Breath Disclaimer: So sue me.
Archive: Gossamer, please. Email me before archiving elsewhere. I don't see why I'd refuse.
Summary: "We'll be partying all night long, anyway," says Mulder, planning to take her home as soon as she yawns. "Right?" "You got it."

October Skies

Let the author know what you think, let us know what you think, and please, nominate your suggestions for next time.

Happy Halloween!
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Short but hopefully thought-provoking, today's story was chosen by yours truly.

Title: This is Agamemnon
Author: Vanzetti ([livejournal.com profile] vaznetti)
Feedback and questions welcomed at vanzetti@populli.net
Category: Anasazi missing scene. Teena Mulder pov.
Rating: G
Summary: Teena Mulder makes a decision.
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This week's story was nominated by [livejournal.com profile] andrea_deer.

"Hard as Hell" by Torch

Rating: NC-17 [this is my own estimate and not the author's]
Pairing: Mulder/Krycek

Let us know what you think; let the author know what you think; and please, let us know your suggestions for next time.


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