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I love time travel stories and "Ever After" is one of my all-time favorites. This fic has everything: Mulder/Scully UST, strong original characters, a suspenseful plot, and a memorable X-File. But why take my word for it when you can read an excerpt...

Read Part One )

Title: "Ever After"
Author: Jill Selby
Classification: XA
Relationship: UST
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None

Summary: Past and present collide, unleashing a deadly threat only Scully can see.

Read "Ever After". Please let us know what you thought of the fic. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.
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Julie Fortune's "The Ghost of You" is a casefic that is also an X-File, and a very creepy one, too. At only a little over 10,000 words, it's less daunting than some of the other fics sitting in the nomination post. In structure, it reminds me very much of the much earlier fic by Jane Mortimer, "The Sin Eater." Mortimer's fic might even have influenced it, who knows?

In any case, the prose is high caliber because the writer is a pro, who has published novels under several pseuds. She even published a tie-in for Stargate SG-1 under her fandom penname, "Sacrifice Moon." It's very good.

Here's a short excerpt from near the beginning of the fic. Mulder and Scully are at the crime scene in Restonville, West Virginia.

Strobe flashes from a wandering photographer lit up the interior. It was nothing more than more grass and mud, and in the middle –

Mulder blinked. "What the hell – "

Scully stepped forward, went to one knee next to the nude body. It was dug into the ground to a depth of nearly three feet, mud squashed up around it. It had been embedded in the mud, face down.

"Mulder." Scully gloved up and reached out to take hold of the woman’s hand, lifting it by the thumb.

Hands did not move that way. Not like – empty sacks, the fingers bending like rubber, no stiffness to it at all.

Boneless. Scully lifted higher. The arm followed the hand, a piece of dead spaghetti.

"Christ," one of the deputies said softly. Detective Harmon didn’t say anything at all, but his face paled. Scully carefully, almost reverently, let the woman’s hand fall back in place.

"Can we turn her over?" she asked.

"Yeah," Harmon said faintly. "We got all the pictures. Better you than me."

She looked at Mulder. Drafted. Nobody wanted to help – twelve deputies and forensic specialists crowded in the room, and every shoulder was pressed firmly against canvas. Mulder tried for a cool expression and took hold of the dead woman’s shoulder.

It felt like a cut of meat at the supermarket. Boneless. He swallowed hard as the body folded down the middle, like a paper doll. Scully helped him get her all the way over and in something like a normal position.

She had no face. Whatever bone structure had been present was obliterated, the face a mass of soft tissue, ruptured like something pulled up from the ocean too fast. No eyes. No teeth, either; the mouth, or what had been the mouth, shifted like jelly, and there were audible gulps from the others in the room.

"Scully?" Mulder cleared his throat. "I take it she’s real."

Scully has a theory, Mulder has a different one. There's thunder and lightening, reports of lights in the sky. They'll identify the body and...I don't want to give it away. It's a ghost story, but with a couple of twists.

You can the read the fic two different places. I like the link at the internet archive that's from her old website because I can copy, paste and print it for reading. I hate reading on computer screens.

At Fanfic for the Fearless via the Wayback Machine: "The Ghost of You" by Julie Fortune. You can find her other fic there, too, if you're interested.

And at the Enigmatic Doctor's site in one long narrow column: The Ghost of You.

She's deleted her non-fandom livejournal, and let her fandom website go down, but [livejournal.com profile] juliefortune is still there, and she left her gmail address on her last post.

The nomination post is always open for your suggestions. Thanks to everyone who helps keep this site running and (relatively) active, with your comments here, and your links on other social media sites.
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I reread this last month when I noticed [livejournal.com profile] aloysiavirgata had been archiving her fanfic at AO3. I liked it a lot. "This Her Fever" is a connected series of fill-ins set during Gethesemane/Redux, which I enjoyed best for the sympathetic portrayals of the secondary characters: Bill Scully Jr., Maggie Scully and Father McCue.

I think this fic is both noromo and shipper friendly. Members who prefer their fanfic minus the sexy bits can read it as long as they skip past chapter 17 and not lose anything essential since the plot remains faithful to canon. Other readers can now skip right to chapter 17...

Rated R | 26,126 words | Archived 09-07-06
Spoilers: Detour (and Gethsemane and Redux, adds Wendelah)
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance.
Summary: It is, she thinks, a fitting coda to her life that Mulder and Father McCue should cross paths in this room, both trying to offer her salvation.

Read This Her Fever at AO3 or as a text file at Gossamer.

It seems appropriate to post this Scully-centric fanfic rec on Dana Scully's 51st birthday.
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She's back. "Original Sin" is [livejournal.com profile] syntax6's long unfinished WIP, abandoned in 2008 after six gripping chapters. To my surprise and delight, she has returned to fandom, and over the past few weeks, posted the remainder of the story. She updated her website, too, adding a half dozen or more stories in a new fandom. It looks good.

It's post Fight the Future, and Scully has moved to Utah. Unfortunately for her, the X-Files followed her there. She must not have noticed that the state emblem is a big old beehive. Poor Scully. When will she learn? Tags: NC-17, mytharc, casefile, M/O, S/O, MSR, chipfic, Samantha, horribly absent & hugely apologetic author.

If you haven't already, email her some feedback, then please come back and let us know what you think.

Remember, the nomination post is always open for your suggestions.

Read Original Sin
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There are 274 stories listed under "Millineum" at Gossamer in the episode listings. By comparison, "The Walk" has one, and "Requiem" has 1,093. I will not pretend to having read them all or even to having glanced at them. I was looking for a fic that I remember liking when I'd read it, and I found it, although under her earlier fandom name, bravenewcentury. Her writing is flowing and graceful, her dialogue sounds like it was penned by the series' best writers. It's a nicely done series of relationship progression vignettes. To me, Mulder and Scully are at their sexiest when they're brainy and [livejournal.com profile] sixpences writes them as very smart indeed.

Read "Without Speaking, Confess" at LiveJournal | at AO3 | at her page at Gossamer; scroll down to read the fic.

Please leave feedback for the writer; she once told me she had a long pre-IWTB fic in the works, and wanted to try her hand at a case file. You never know who can be coaxed back into a fandom or when or why. Let us know what you thought of the story, too. And please leave your suggestions for further reading in the nomination post.

Happy new year!
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Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth of July.

Sokol was suggested in March of 2011 by [livejournal.com profile] estella_c, which tells you that we're a little backlogged. It's a good summer read: a novella length, fast-paced thriller, a myth-arc story that gives us an alternative ending to the series. I consider it essential reading for this fandom. In the MSR category, I'd put it up there with Iolokus, Arizona Highways and Life During Wartime for its ambition, scope and quality of writing.

Rated NC-17 | 176K | Category XRA | Archived 06-04-09
Spoilers: The Red and the Black
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance.
Summary: A boy, a girl, a girl, a spaceship, and how things end.

Though Sokol is a sequel to the much earlier "Reach," all you need to know is that (1.) it takes place in an alternative universe set after "The Red and the Black" and (2.) that Mulder and Scully have now moved their relationship to the next level.

The link is to Fugues Fiction Archive, where there is a text version and also a PDF file. Additionally, you can read the story at Gossamer as well as at his old site on the Internet Archive.

Read "Sokol."

Please let us know what you think, and leave your suggestions for next time in the nomination post.
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After the considerable word count of our last fic, now seems like a good time to take a bit of a breather with a nice short read. This week's fic was recommended by [livejournal.com profile] lightlack. It takes place sometime not too long after the events of "Christmas Carol" and "Emily" when Mulder and Scully end up back in San Diego on a case. The fic is focused on Scully and how she is coping with recent developments, the turn her life has taken, what it all means for her, and where Mulder fits in amongst all the chaos and wreckage.

Living with the Dreaming Body by Punk Maneuverability

Send feedback, give us your recommendations, and please do come back for the discussion.
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Hi! I had spotty internet access the later part of March so [livejournal.com profile] amyhit kindly filled in for my last turn. I'm bypassing the queue this time around to suggest a story I've been meaning to reread for at least six months. "Laws of Motion" is a sequel to "Universal Invariants," which we discussed back in November, 2010. If you haven't read her first story, you won't get as much out of the sequel. (But you totally should read UI! It's my favorite of [livejournal.com profile] syntax6's stories!)

However, if you don't want to read "Universal Invariants" before tackling "Laws of Motion," here's a brief summary: "Universal Invariants" is an au in which Scully is living with her boyfriend Ethan (who was deleted from the pilot) when she is assigned to the X-Files. The novel spans all of season one and the beginning of season two through "One Breath," and has scenes from many of the episodes artfully woven through it. There is also an original casefile, which is the B plot, with the A plot being their developing partnership, and the effect it has on her personal life, especially her relationship with Ethan. HUGE SPOILER here: Scully gets engaged to Ethan after the X-Files are closed down, then has sex (amazing sex!) with Mulder while they are in Arecibo, Puerto Rico during "Little Green Men." Major awkwardness ensues, Mulder and Scully never discuss it, and she is too ashamed to tell Ethan. Then Scully is kidnapped by Duane Barry. Months later, when she is returned, not only is she missing time from the abduction, she can't remember earlier events, including what happened at Arecibo. Mulder can't bring himself to tell her. She never regains the lost memories, but breaks up with Ethan anyway. The End.

So. "Laws of Motion" picks up at the beginning of season five, just after "Redux 2." Scully is cured of cancer and Mulder has just brought her home from the hospital, when there is a phone call from her ex-boyfriend, Ethan. He's in jail, accused of murdering a colleague, and wants their help. Like "Universal Invariants," "Laws of Motion" is structured around a casefile, the murder Ethan has been accused of committing, but the story's focus is squarely on the secret (from the previous story) Mulder has been keeping from Scully and the consequences of that deception. It's a fun read and I remember loving it almost as much as "Universal Invariants."

"Universal Invariants"

"Laws of Motion"

Send feedback, tell Syntax6 we miss her, and please come back to let us know what you thought.
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This week's theme is Under the Covers Undercover. Yeah, I made that one up, but it does pretty much sum up this week's selection. Mulder and Scully are in Las Vegas, posing as a couple (duh!) to get dirt on some scumbag mafia type. This was originally posted under the moniker "Anubis," who it turns out was a small group of fanfiction writers who decided it would be fun to write stories individually and then post them under the same sock puppet. Yeah, I don't get it either, so there must be more to the story than what little I've gleaned.

Anyway, this story is funny and sexy, which is exactly what I'm in the mood for.

Summary: Not enough plot to summarize. I only wrote one story as Anubis. As for the rest, I'm not sayin'.

Organized Crime had jumped at the chance to have fresh faces doing the surveillance, and Mulder had jumped at the chance for a weekend in Las Vegas, and they met in the middle and smacked together and came down right on Scully.

Ever since she'd been lured to Vegas, Mulder had been itching to go together. Unfortunately, all the time she'd spent apart from the Gunmen was rather hazy in her mind and she hadn't resisted with as much vigor as she should have. Now that she considered it, Mrs. Franklin was a pretty pitiful excuse even for him. Mulder no doubt had some sort of dark and nefarious bet with the Gunmen involving what *he* could get her to do in Vegas.

Regardless of his true motive, he'd signed them up to do surveillance on Chip Morelli in a hotel in the ridiculous and superstitious shape of a giant pyramid. A black glass pyramid with neon coursing down the edges in case any alien spaceships needed landing lights. Mulder was in love with it.

I'm kind of in love with its ultra-tackiness, too.

You can read Anubis's other stories at their Gossamer page, and then try to guess who wrote the rest. Members, Watchers, Lurkers: feel free to come forward if you are one of the other authors!

Read Sore Luck at the Luxor at AO3. Leave feedback for the author, then let us know what you think. Suggestions are always welcome at the nomination post.
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In The X-Files fandom there are debatably no two authors more closely associated in the minds of fanfic readers than RivkaT, the author of our last fic, and MustangSally, who are indelibly linked by their co-authorship of "Iolokus". Which is why this week we're going to be reading "All the Children Are Insane," perhaps MustangSally's most widely read solo fic.

It's a vignette set in the summer after S5, with sex, angst, and the burnt-office base notes of existential crisis. The posting date stamp on "All The Children Are Insane" is June 18th 1998, just one day before Fight the Future hit theaters. To me the writing has always hummed with the captured tension of that summer, the fever pitch of fannish excitement and anxiety.

All the Children Are Insane

[livejournal.com profile] mustangsally78 is still around; sending feedback never hurts. And as always, our recommendations thread is over here.
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Kipler did most of her fic writing between 1995 and 1997, placing her solidly among the early era X-Files fanfic writers, though she didn't write Strangers and the Strange Dead - arguably her most widely recced story - until 2000.

Waiting was written, and is set, in the summer of 1997, after Gethsemane. Following the cryptic and devastating event of Mulder's evident demise, Scully inadvertently happens upon a casefile, and finds herself drawn into its eerie mystery while she bides time in and out of hospital rooms, waiting for her own imminent death to claim her. For such a small fic, there's a lot to this one. Kipler's writing is spare, intelligent, and deeply but subtly poetic - very in tune with the nuances of tension and emotion underlying surface reality.

I first read this fic about a year ago, and it left me feeling a curious combination of awestruck, dazed, a little bit sick with grief, and a little bit giddy with pleasure. But we've covered three of Kipler's fics already so I was hesitant to post Waiting for my own gratification alone. When I saw that [livejournal.com profile] coldthermistor had recced it, I could've hugged her.

Waiting by Kipler

I'm not sure if this Waybacked link will work. If not then you'll have to head over to where it's posted on Gossamer to read it. You know the drill, just c/p the url into a new window.

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[livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 has been extra busy lately, so I'll be posting again this week. Because Human Credentials sparked a fair amount of discussion for its controversial sex scene, Wendelah suggested we read First/Second by Amal. Short and without a plot to speak of, it's not much like our last rec in any way, but it does feature a less than idyllic sex scene that is striking and worthy of discussion. Not to be mistaken for PWP, this fic is written with the skill and intelligence that is characteristic of Amal's writing.

First/Second by [livejournal.com profile] amalnahurriyeh

Tell us what you think, feedback the author, and feel free to give us any recommendations you have in mind.

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Moving into the third week of our (unofficial, unplanned) smut-a-thon, we have With a Vengeance by Rachel Lee Arlington.

What can I say about this fic? It was written post Gethsemane and was set in the middle of S5, meaning it has a speculative, somewhat alternative take on how the cancer arc was to conclude. It's about the emotional fallout of the cancer arc, and the way Mulder and Scully deal with crisis, and with each other. It's also a prime example of angry, hot blooded, fight sex.

I don't want to bias anyone before they've even read the fic, but I'm not comfortable posting this one without a brief caveat: this is a fic I'm very ambivalent about. In the past I've been tempted to suggest it, but have always been too uncomfortable. Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] estella_c is above such squeamishness, and suggested it on the premise that it may make for interesting discussion. Just bear in mind that when I say this fic involves fight sex, I mean fight. sex.

Curious yet?

With a Vengeance

And as always, head on over this way if you have any fanfic recommendations for us.
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I'd like to offer a salute of solidarity to all you LDW survivors who showed up, read your hearts out, and hopefully had your say. It's fics like Life During Wartime that make our fandom exceptional, and it's participation that makes the book club fun. We manage to have both, and that's pretty awesome.

For our next rec, [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 and I though a change was in order - something short and light. It was my turn, and well, Pandora's Box isn't the shortest fic ever, but it'll certainly help us shake off our apocafic blues. *blushes*

I'm uh-- a little bit embarrassed to be reccing this. I feel like I ought to change my icon to a picture of a brown paper package or something. But if PWP can be classic, then I'd say Rachel Anton had a knack for writing smut classics, and of everything she wrote, Pandora's Box might be the most classic. I have a vague theory that everyone in fandom has been recced this fic by someone at least once. But just in case you haven't - just in case you have somehow missed out on this bizarre, sometimes excruciating, funny, and hot bit of smut - I'm putting it up for us to have a crack at. Oh, and it's a missing scene/AU for Bad Blood, so you know it's going to be wacky. *g*

Pandora's Box

Remember to send feedback to the author, and that the nomination post is always open for your suggestions.

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I intended to post this entry yesterday but Live Journal went down for "scheduled maintenance," just as I was signing back on. I love this story, but I hesitated to post it, because of the length. Most people will not comment on a long story and this one is over 300K, although it moves fast enough that it doesn't feel that long.

This was nominated by a lurker, "Tiger Janet," who has not actually been seen in these parts for awhile. If you are still out there, say hi, dear. But I know two other members/friends who have read it and liked it, for different reasons. Though he doesn't show up for a few sections, Alex Krycek is a major player in "Above Rubies." While he is just as dangerous and sexy as he is on the show, he has also been made into a real, three-dimensional character, with a back-story and everything. There is also a great police-procedural happening and some very hot romance. Scully is kick-ass, smart and sexy, Mulder is adorable, and getting into trouble ever minute. Yeah, he is smart and sexy, too. Honestly, this story has something to please nearly everyone, assuming you like long, very plotty, well-written MSR.

CLASSIFICATION: XRA (X-File, Romance, Angst)
RATING/CONTENT WARNING: NC-17 for sex, violence, other disturbing stuff. Please don't read if you're underage. Very violent imagery, though not any worse than the show's.
SUMMARY: Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.
KEYWORDS: MSR, mythology

The link is to her site. Please give feedback to the author, then come back and tell us what you think. Leave nominations for next time here.

One hundred stories is a milestone. Thank you for reading, for the excellent commentary on the stories, and for supporting this community.

Edit: It's actually 102 stories because the numbering got messed up a couple of times. But who's counting?
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Like "Sparks Fly Upward," Khyber's story-turned-alternative-universe "Reach" also takes off from "The Red and the Black." Needless to say, it takes off in a very different direction. If you haven't read any of his work, Khyber is known for being a Mulder/Scully shipper, for humor, for angst and for really hot sex. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] finisterre for the nomination.

Here is what Khyber has to say about his story:

CLASSIFICATION: TRA (Non-X adventure, Mulder/Scully)

RATING: R for mature content, non-explicit sex, language, and brief extreme violence.

SYNOPSIS: Mulder and Scully are called off an X-file to an emergency assignment where they have some time alone together. Their reflections and thoughts about the events of the past year lead them both to make certain decisions...

KEYWORDS: Mulder/Scully UST, Mulder/Scully romance

Time/Spoilers: This story essentially starts an alternate universe after "The Red and the Black." There's loads of spoilers for everything, and conversely if you haven't seen US5 plenty of this won't make sense.

As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.

Reach(and all the days to come)
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Today's selection is nominated by me. It is a very dark take on the possible consequences of the events of "Emily."

Title: The Mill
Author: [personal profile] cofax7 
Here is what the author wrote about the story:
Rating: R for content
Spoilers: through season 5
Content Warning: Deep dark angst. Don't say you weren't warned.
Summary: A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted for her children, because they were not. Jeremiah 31: 15-17.

And for those of us who love this sort of thing, here is the DVD commentary for "The Mill".


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