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I'm still going back through the older comments at the nomination post. Way back when, someone nominated "Syncopation" by Lilla Vaughan, which I wasn't that crazy about to be frank. I don't remember why. But then I remembered she'd written this fic, which I do like a lot.

In her summary Nanda writes, "I think the title speaks for itself. Oh, and there are rocks falling from the sky, too."

The link is to AO3 but this fic can also be read at Gossamer.

Read Your Platonic Relationship: An Owner's Manual
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I admit it freely: no matter what fandom I'm in, I'm all about the female characters. I love Mulder but Dana Scully is why I came here and why I stay here. Though none received the screen time they deserved, The X-Files does have other interesting and complex female characters.

When writers beat up on Teena Mulder or turn her into a Consortium co-conspirator, I can't understand it. While the latter is an attempt to give her agency, it still turns my stomach. Told from Teena Mulder's POV, "Lady Lazarus" is insightful, well-written, and fair to the character while remaining canon-compliant. The fic is short, pre-series, genfic, PG-13, no warnings apply.

SUMMARY: "Fox answered my tentative questions about his final term at Oxford, and his two weeks in France with the impatience of a tennis pro determined to end the rally against an inept amateur. He had done well his final term. Paris was beautiful in the early summer. Yes, Chanel was making a comeback. When he looked at his watch and said he had to go, I couldn't bring myself to ask him to stay longer."

Read "Lady Lazarus" at: IOHO | OOcities. Also at Gossamer.

Please leave your suggestions at the nomination post and let us know what you thought of the story.
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Before [livejournal.com profile] idella recorded her podfic for [livejournal.com profile] xf_is_love, I'm embarrassed to say I'd never read [livejournal.com profile] soundingsea's work. Originally written for Apocalyptothon 2011, "in the lonely cool before dawn" is a haunting, lyrically written short story, set in a deftly-drawn post-apocalyptic world.

in the lonely cool before dawn (1573 words) by soundingsea
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully

Ominous clouds huddle low against the horizon, grey stacked on grey. The road is a ribbon of emptiness stretching out until the next hill, cracked pavement unpatched after a winter's thaw.

Leave feedback for author (at least hit the kudo button), then please come back and let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.
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Happy Halloween! For a show about things that go bump in the night, this fandom is surprisingly short of genuinely scary stories. They must be hard to write, or at least write well. This isn't exactly a ghost story, but it's plenty disturbing all the same.

Vignette, Rated PG (disturbing imagery)
Keywords: ScullyAngst, MSR
Spoilers: It's sort of post-"Requiem," but a few years post, not immediately.
Summary: "It was enough, in the end..."

Send feedback to the author, if possible. Then please let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions. If you have a story you'd like us to read, that's the place to tell us about it.

"Ad Vitam Aeternam" translated means "To Life Everlasting." Perhaps that's warning enough...

Read Ad Vitam Aeternam. Also at Gossamer.
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This short story is post-col, so you know what that means. It's short, because I sense some readers need a break from long fanfic. It's a fic that got recced everywhere from The Other Side to [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. It's quite good, but I guess that goes without saying.

"Drive, He Said" by Jennifer-Oksana
Pairing: Mulder/Scully (but Wendelah does not classify this as MSR)
Rating: R (her rating not mine—I'd rank it Teen for language)
Summary: Where do you go when there’s nowhere left?

The link is to her Wordpress Blog. This fic is also found on her Author's Page at Gossamer. If you can, send feed back to the writer, then come back and tell us what you think. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.

Read Drive, He Said.
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This story is told from Tooms's POV and it's just as creepy as that suggests. Elanor G is better known for her well-plotted casefiles, and they are excellent too, but this story is darkly original. The author rates it R but I would give it no more than a PG-13 for violence.

Please send the author some feedback and then let us know what you think.

Read "Undying".
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There aren’t that many season nine fics out there, and for me "Vehicle and Tenor" is literally the only one that springs readily and fondly to mind. It’s quite short, as all of Suture's fics are, but it clearly demonstrates Suture’s almost signature knack for writing from secondary character’s POVs. In this case, we’re seeing Mulder through the eyes of Gibson Praise, as well as seeing Gibson’s life – the isolation of a boy who can read minds.

Read Vehicle and Tenor.

The recommendation page is always open, and sending feedback to the author never hurts. Then come back and join us for the discussion.
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This week we have a short fic with a long title. The aurthor calls it penance for some "MSR atrocities" she wrote (under an undivulged pen name) when the show was in its early years. The fic itself is MSR, but what drew me to it was that it feels different from what I'd come to expect of MSR. It's set in season 4, sometime after 'Memento Mori,' and is essentially a spare but introspective study of Scully and her relationship with Mulder as they both attempt to come to terms with the reality and the potential outcome of her illness.

Relativistic Gravitation and Celestial Mechanics by LM

Side note: [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 and I were unable to find this fic archived anywhere and we could not get in touch with the author, but I had a copy of the fic saved so we decided to archive it on Fugues in the Key of X. If anyone knows the author or knows how to contact her, please let us know so that we can properly ask her permission to archive her fic. If asked to remove it from the archive, of course we will comply with the author's wishes.
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After the considerable word count of our last fic, now seems like a good time to take a bit of a breather with a nice short read. This week's fic was recommended by [livejournal.com profile] lightlack. It takes place sometime not too long after the events of "Christmas Carol" and "Emily" when Mulder and Scully end up back in San Diego on a case. The fic is focused on Scully and how she is coping with recent developments, the turn her life has taken, what it all means for her, and where Mulder fits in amongst all the chaos and wreckage.

Living with the Dreaming Body by Punk Maneuverability

Send feedback, give us your recommendations, and please do come back for the discussion.
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Gosh, look at that startlingly large number in the heading! It appears that our little (but oh-so-tenacious) community has reached its two-hundredth fic.


Cheers everyone!

I must say, I’ve been adoring you guys’ recommendations even more than usual lately. There have been a few fics I am particularly fond of come up, including a very recent rec by [livejournal.com profile] littlegreen42, which I am going to pounce on immediately like a cat on a jubilant grasshopper. It was written in the pre/post IWTB era, making it relatively new by this fandom’s standards. It’s short – but with an endearingly long title – and the prose has an idiosyncratic sort of poetry about it. Ultimately, I think the author herself sums it up best when she says, These are not all the ways and whys and hows Mulder loves Scully, just some. In reverse.

Read a weatherman to know which way the wind blows by [livejournal.com profile] zauberer_sirin

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The next fic was nominated by [livejournal.com profile] lightlack and enthusiastically seconded by myself. It’s written by [livejournal.com profile] threeguesses, who is one of my favorite writers to come out of the pre/post IWTB era. Her writing in this fandom was not prolific, but her stories have always stood out (at least for me) for their powerful concepts, enthralling emotional currents, and the deceptive simplicity of threeguesses’ writing. Undoubtedly you know how "five things" fics work, in which case you also know the title of this week’s fic tells you just about everything that can be revealed about it without spoiling the sense of discovery that comes with each new segment.

five things that never happened to dana scully

The author is still around and writing up a storm (though sadly not in this fandom), and I’m sure she would appreciate feedback. There’s lots to say about this fic, so please do let us know what you think. And, as always, the nomination post is open for new suggestions.

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It's a good thing we just got finished with an apocafic, because this year we're going to have two fics for Christmas and they're both sweet and generally happy little stories. Everyone is welcome to comment on both, or only one, in either order, at any time.

The first one is an AU season 9-ish fic in which Mulder and Scully spend Christmas together with their infant son. It's also probably the most homey, domestic fic I'm ever going to rec. *g* But don't let my Scrooge impression scare you off. It's nice, and there's an interesting little twist to Mulder and Scully's world, amidst all the domestic bliss.

Epiphany by Maybe Amanda

In the second fic, Mulder and Scully spend Christmas Eve stranded while on the road. It's set in any one of the early/mid seasons, and it's nothing complicated, just a sweetly romantic little vignette.

How to Fly by Oracle

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and seasonal well wishes to all who don't.

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For Thanksgiving three years ago [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 posted JET's widely loved holiday fic, "Small Lives Awake." It happens to be the first fic I ever commented on, here at the book club, which makes me feel rather delighted to have the privilege of posting my own choice of Thanksgiving fics this year, this one also by JET.

"Relic of Tough Weather" was written and is set in November, 1999, shortly after the events of TSE:AF. Though it doesn't have the length or popularity of "Small Lives Awake," it is a distinctive blend of JET's signature style: evocative prose and compassionate characterizations.

Relic of Tough Weather

JET's still around, to some extent; I'm sure she would appreciate the feedback. And, as ever, our nomination post is open for recommendations.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating the occasion.

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It's nearly Halloween and [livejournal.com profile] amyhit has been hard at work searching for some holiday fic for your enjoyment. "Other Night" by Punk is well-written, light-hearted genfic with a side of UST. Read it fast because [livejournal.com profile] amyhit is going to post another Halloween story in few days time, something with a little more substance. Life is short and so is this story; let's enjoy Punk's not-quite-a-Mulder-and-Scully-romance.

Title: Other Night
Author: Punk Maneuverability
E-mail: punkm@teleport.com
Category: Mulder/Scully UST
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: They never write, they never call...Fox Mulder and Dana Scully belong to Chris Carter, 10-13 Productions and Fox. I'm not making any money here, folks.

Summary: It's Halloween. Mulder and Scully decide to dress up.

Acknowledgments: Sab helped. Virginia cheered me on. And, a long long time ago, Lucy asked for a story with no angst in it. So this is for her.

"Other Night" at AO3

"Other Night" at her website

If you prefer, you can also read "Other Night" at Gossamer, just scroll down to the title.

As always, the nomination post is open and waiting, and don't forget to leave Punk some feedback. At AO3, even guests can hit the "kudos" button!
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We're back into the angst, this week, with a couple of vignettes that fill in some of the blanks the previous fics have hinted at about Mulder and Scully's past assignations, and the days of their early relationship. First up is "The Fall of Our Summer", a post ep for Drive, which Kyber originally posted to [livejournal.com profile] xf_is_love in 2009. Second we have "Poems", a post ep for Wetwired, and the second to last instalment in the KvsS7 universe.

The Fall of Our Summer


Only one more KvsS7 fic to go. Hopefully you've been fascinated, intrigued, or otherwise drawn in by the story so far, and you'll tune in five (or so) days from now, to reach the end of the road with us.
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Because the book club has been such a ghost town recently, [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 and I were considering going on a brief hiatus. Then I mentioned I'd been thinking about rereading "Khyber vs. Season Seven," and Wendelah suggested we read it here, rather than going on hiatus. So for the next month we're going to be kicking back, relishing the end of summer, sipping imaginary iced tea (or real iced tea (it could be love)), and reading KvsS7 at a pace that is decidedly not breakneck.

For those of you who don't know, KvsS7 is a series of ten stories written by Khyber, the majority of which are set in S7. Most of these stories are vignettes, though there are a couple of longer fics, and they all take place in the same slightly alternate universe. Khyber's aim was (among other things) to craft a retelling of S7 by replacing some episodes and adding onto others, so that in theory a reader could watch S7, intersperse it with his KvsS7 instalments, and wind up with a finished product that functioned as a successful alternate outcome for the season (and perhaps for the entire series). Sadly he never finished the KvsS7 project, but even unfinished the KvsS7 stories are complex, intelligent, and often strikingly intense. They feature a Mulder and Scully who are in character yet subtly different from canon, and a story universe that is written with a level of stunning realism TXF rarely attempted to achieve.

We're going to start with the vignettes "Collapsar" and "Weret-Hekau," which are post eps for Millennium and Theef. In approximately five days we'll post again, and continue to post at about that pace until we've covered all ten fics. This does not mean discussion on the previously posted fics must stop, it's just for the sake of organization.

KvsS7 was a weighty concept and a remarkable project, and the resulting fics are sometimes lovely, sometimes horrifying, and often breathtaking. I hope you'll give this fic universe a try, and tell us your thoughts and opinions. This is definitely the sort of fanfic to provoke thoughts and opinions.

1. Collapsar (post Millennium)

2. Weret-Hekau (post Theef)

ETA: I just now realized we actually have covered "Collapsar" here before, about two years ago, as some readers may remember. I even participated in the discussion. Memory fail, amyhit. I'm not going to link you to that discussion, since we're going to be reading the whole thing through this time, and I think it would be nice to get some fresh comments, if we can, without anyone feeling daunted by the prospect of repeating something someone else said back in 2009. However, I'm sure anyone who is interested will be able to find the post in question with a few clicks of a mouse.

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I was originally considering something fluffy after last week's horror and gloom, but then this fic lured me in with its spare, eerie tone and the unique way it makes use of several important loose threads the series left us with.

So this week's rec is the story of how young William Van de Kamp uncovers the truth about who he is, and what's happening to the world. It's set between the years 2005 and 2012, and it deftly weaves a lot of impact into only 8K of writing.

In My Secret Life by David Hearne

And for those of you who find this sort of info interesting: the posting date on this fic is stamped May 20, 2002 - the day after the series finale aired. When Hearne gets a story in his head he clearly doesn't hesitate.

Craving something longer, smuttier, happier? Have a specific fic you'd like to discuss? The comments thread is always open.

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[livejournal.com profile] syntax6 posted this fic back in 2006 under a different pen name: Pink Flamingo. Later on, she added it to her site, which is how Wendy Newbie found out Syn had written it. For the record, I like this story much more than the rather perfunctory email I sent to the Flamingo (one_leg_to_stand_on@hotmail.com) would indicate. I was so moved by it that one sentence was all I could manage at the time, and I'm not sure I can do much better now. Maybe this will do: I love all of her stories, but this one felt like it was written just for me.

Having made that admission, opposing viewpoints are always welcomed here.


Please send feedback to the author, then come back and tell us what you think. If you are getting tired of the current theme, the nomination post is always open.
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If this story had been a little shorter, I'd have recced it during the minific marathon; I've recced it everywhere else, including my personal journal and most recently [livejournal.com profile] het_reccers. She's a favorite from the SG-1 fandom so I was happy to find out she'd written for The X-Files as well. Her website has gone down, hence the wonky Waybacked link, but you can read the rest of her XF fic at Gossamer, under "CGB" and "cgb." We are so lucky to have Gossamer.

She rates it NC-17 for language and "adult themes" but I'd rate it PG-13 at most. It's a character study of Scully and a post-ep for "Requiem."

Send feedback to the author and then let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.

Read "Imperfect". If this link is not working, click here and scroll down to "Imperfect."
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This story was recced recently to me by a friend. We'd just finished watching "Fire." Do you remember what Mulder said to Scully during that episode?

"When I was a kid, my best friend's house burned down. Had to spend the night in the rubble to keep away looters. For years, I had nightmares about being trapped in a burning building."

I'm paraphrasing here, but my friend thought that story didn't quite ring true, that the truth must be more complicated. Foxsong uses second person POV for this story, an unusual choice, but one which works very well, I think. Her website was preserved on reocities: The Foxsong Files. Pay no attention to the link on the story page; like so many broken links in our fandom, it goes nowhere.


Remember to send feedback to the author, then come back and tell us what you thought. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.


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