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What better way to finish up a fic marathon than with snippets by JET (go check out Friday's fic) and Penumbra? Octopods is first. I remembered it from the short time it was up on Penumbra's now defunct website. She took it down ("I'm not sure how polished it is," she disclaims humbly) but has kindly agreed to let me post it to the book club for our exegetic purposes.

Title: Octopods
Author: Penumbra
Author's Notes: Because April is the cruelest month.

*** )

And because I didn't remember Octopods was quite such a tiny little snippet, I felt perhaps two such snippets were in order, so there's also a second, if you choose to partake, about which the author says:

Probably 'R' rated. In the good old days, we called this a smut biscuit. And because I insist on continuing to foster bad XF ff cliches, we'll call this one:

Going Down

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I once told Jesemie's Evil Twin that a snippetfic from her every year or so would be enough to keep me in love with Mulder and Scully forever. I wasn't brown-nosing, her snippetfic is just that good. Go check it out.

Acceptable Responses
mid-Deep Throat
Disclaimers: I am merely passing through.
Thank you: M. & M. You're the grooviest.

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Today's short-short is "Intervention of Elves" by Lisby. It's a two-hour improv; the genre is post-col.

Before I forget, here's working link to "Eyes Shut". That's a damn sexy story.

We just blew past 150 stories, people. I guess posting a fic every other day for a solid four weeks will do that.

Today is also the birthday of one Dana Katherine Scully, who just turned 47 years young. To celebrate, how about reccing us a favorite Scully-centric story. Bonus points if it's not about the cancer arc or Emily. Extra bonus points if it's funny.

One of my favorites is "Failure to Die" by Kel. It's not about the cancer arc or Emily. Scully gets to act like a real doctor in it, by actually being a doctor during an undercover assignment. Mulder is undercover, too. He gets to play a Richie-Rich type on parole for drugs, working as a orderly. Gee, that's a stretch. It is narrated by the one and only Jerry Luskin who gets to play a retired FBI agent, now working as chief of security at the hospital, also perfect type-casting. They are all guarding a Mafia guy who is supposed to testify in federal court, except for he's in a coma, if I recall. Oh, and the hospital is haunted. It is a hoot. And Scully is awesome in it. Go read it now.

I should probably give Kel her own tag.

Okay, so post about "Intervention of Elves," "Eyes Shut," Scully's birthday, and don't forget, a fav Scully story! I realize it is now February 24th in most of the world. I can't help it if I live in PST.
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Bring on the PWP.

Rated: NC-17
Category: V
Spoilers: No, Sir.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully
Summary: 2 pages of smut at the request of MelMooney. What can I say? She's a junkie.

Eyes Shut by MD1016

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From [livejournal.com profile] thedrabblefiles, we have a set by [livejournal.com profile] dbkate. Four prompts, four drabbles, 580 words in total. The pairing is Mulder/Scully, the genre is angst and prompt four is rated Mature.

"Four Cuts"

This reminds me, there is a story of hers I want to put in the nomination post.
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Here we have...well I'm not entirely sure what to call it. Late seasons pseudo-apocafic? It defies genre, that alone has me intrigued. And do check out "the even-numbered pages" too, if you can. It got a little stiffed for time of its own.

TITLE: If I Die in a Combat Zone
AUTHOR: Sabine (sabine101@juno.com)
ARCHIVE: Gossamer, Spookys okay. Else please drop a line.

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Next up, a lovely bit of post-series on-the-lam fic.

Fandom: The X-Files
Pairing/Characters: Mulder/Scully
Content Advisory: Sex
Words: 741
Summary: The art of memory. Post-series, written for xf_pornbattle prompt 'lightning'.

the even-numbered pages are the past by [livejournal.com profile] bravenewcentury
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This might be a little over the word limit but I remember it being worth it. Writing talent makes all the difference. Oh yeah, this is substituting for "The Right to Remain Silent" because we already read it here back in 2008. Feel free to go read it again. It's good, too.

DISTRIBUTION/FEEDBACK: aloysia.virgata@yahoo.com. Please ask before archiving.


CLASSIFICATION: Angst, vignette, Scully/Other (But wait! Read my author's notes before you close this. *laugh*) Mod's Note: Author's note is at the site.

SPOILERS: Three Of A Kind

SUMMARY: They share a small laugh, understanding each other and not understanding themselves at all.

DISCLAIMER: They don't belong to me, but I am usually very careful with them. I don't deliberately give them BRAIN CANCER or TAKE THEIR KIDS AWAY like some people I could mention. Ahem.

Pair of Aces/Double or Nothing
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Here's an 'all things' post ep/missing scene, distinguished by its brevity (861 words), and its fairly distinctive prose style.

TITLE: Subaqueous
AUTHOR: Melymbrosia
E-MAIL: melymbrosia@mail.com
CATEGORY: V, R, post-ep
SPOILERS: all things
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"Heaven" by [livejournal.com profile] bugsfic packs a lot of story into a very small space.

SPOILERS: Through the end of season 7.
RATING: PG-13 for slightly disturbing imagery
SUMMARY: Scully begins a search.

"Heaven" through the wonder of the Wayback Machine but also available at Gossamer. And maybe here at her journal?
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This next one was written for the first X-Files porn battle. It takes place some time in early season one, and makes use of Enthan Minette, who was left on the cutting room floor.

Title: Happen at Once
Author: [livejournal.com profile] tree
Distribution/Archival: if you like.
Spoilers: none
Rating: R
Category: V
Keywords: AU
Summary: She wonders what Mulder tastes like.
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I hope everyone is having a fine weekend. Our next selection is a short-short by [livejournal.com profile] threeguesses. I like everything of hers I've read. You can find the rest of her work at her Master List of Fic.

What else? 600 words. No warnings. Summary: William meets a girl in the garden.

"Silver Bells and Cockle Shells"
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Next up is post Redux II, a foray into the thick of Scully's recuperation.

title: this is what happens after the pain.
rating: r.
word count: 906.
summary: No matter how hard he tries, he can’t stop seeing the illness in her eyes.
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Fourteen stories in 28 days. Are you ready?

Our first selection is the perfect way to start our mini-fic marathon. "Our Mulders" was nominated by [livejournal.com profile] littlegreen42. Written way back in 1997, it is the first in a group of short-short stories Punk came to name the "Ours" series. "And in changing them, we made them ours." I see it as a love-letter to Fox Mulder and to fan-fiction writers for The X-Files.

"Our Mulders"

Posted two years later, "Our Scullys" is a little darker, a little more painful to read, at least for me, and surprisingly prescient, given the ending of the series.

"Our Scullys"

The links are to Archive of Our Own, where you can read the rest of the series, and everything else Punk has written, too.


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