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Now that we've had a break, I thought it might be time to change things up a bit. There is going to be a theme evolving over the next few recommendations. Maybe I can call it "the exception that proves the rule."

To my mind, "God's Breath" is one of the best, most memorable mid-length novels in the fandom. I was heart-broken when it disappeared from the internet. Thanks to one of our fandom's fanfic savers, Jintian was able to post most of her X-Files stories, to Dreamwidth last year, including this one.

The mood is somber in this season six story, as it begins with the death of a close childhood friend and childhood sweetheart of Scully's, a death that occurred under mysterious circumstances. Since the events of "Tithonus," she and Mulder have been negotiating two profound change in their relationship: they are still partners at work, where they have the X-Files back, and they are also now lovers, with all of the attendant complications. Scully goes out to California to attend the funeral of her friend with her family, and gets involved in the case. Eventually, Mulder comes out to support her, and naturally, since he is convinced the case is an X-file, he gets involved, too.

It is told in first-person, Scully voice, which I rarely like or read, but which is quite well-done in "God's Breath."

Read an excerpt )

Read "God's Breath" at Dreamwidth, where you can comment if you have validated your livejournal open id. Or, if you prefer, send her feedback at her email address, which is posted on her Profile page. The nomination post is always open.

And please, let us know what you think. Happy New Year!
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I have no idea why [livejournal.com profile] juliefortune isn't more widely recced or read. Her stories are professional caliber, not surprising given that she's a professional writer. She knows how to build suspense without wasting words, but just as on the series, there is a lot happening between the lines. Rarest of all, she writes stories with genuinely scary x-files at their center. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] amyhit for reminding me of this excellent story.

Earlier this year when I recced this at [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, I had it taking place in season two, but I think now that I was wrong. "Falling Stars" actually takes place during season one, but I didn't figure this out until I'd re-watched "Eve," the episode it ties directly into.

read an excerpt )

The nomination post is open and awaiting your suggestions. I'd love to know what you thought of the story.

Read "Falling Stars".

Edit: here is a link to her old site, courtesy of the Internet Archive: Fanfiction for the Fearless.
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There is still plenty left to say about "To Carthage Then I Came", and "Ceremony", too, for that matter.

First, I have a confession to make. I love stories with amnesia as a plot element. You could even call it a kink, I love them that much. No, I have no idea why this issue carries such a charge for me. Looking over the list of stories we've discussed here, there have been a disproportionate number with amnesia at the center of the storyline.

That's one of the reasons I dithered for so long about whether or not to post this here. For another thing, it is the second part of an unfinished WIP, which I suspect will never be completed, although never say never with XF fanfiction writers. But I think the second section, "Dreamcatcher," can be read as a standalone, especially if you start with the epilogue to "Tabula Rasa." After that, if you liked "Dreamcatcher," you might end up reading the entirety of "Tabula Rasa." I did. I read the sequel "Footsteps of Angels," too, until she stopped updating it in 2007. Yeah, it's totally a kink.

"Dreamcatcher" is also a variation of the Profiler!Mulder genre, except this Mulder isn't exactly our Mulder. Scully is definitely our Scully; of course, you'll have to make your own mind about that. The timeframe is "the present, but without the baggage of any episodes past Je Souhaite. They're still with the Bureau, Mulder does not have a fatal brain disease and Scully has no interest in artificial insemination. I live in denial. *g*" Me, too. So, 2003. AU.

Anyway, I will be the first to admit that these are not perfect stories, plus there is that unsolved mystery lurking in the background. I love unsolved mysteries, though. Maybe you do, too. Good, bad, or indifferent, I'd love to know what you think of "Dreamcatcher." The links are to the 2004 Spooky site, and to her website, since for some reason, this story never made it to Gossamer. Suggestions for next time can be made at the nomination post.

Epilogue to "Tabula Rasa," which she suggests be read before tackling "Dreamcatcher."

"Dreamcatcher" at Spookys 2004.

"Dreamcatcher" in textfile format at dtg's site. There is a prettier html version but the links go wonky after chapter 11, and though you can get to the rest, it's a hassle.

Have fun.
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As a follow-up to "Kevin," I thought it would be interesting to post a story that deals with Mulder's spirituality. "The Thirty-Sixth" is an excellent story, which Jess said is "about faith, religion and sainthood." It's also about love. And knitting.

If you like, you can read a short excerpt: here )

Or you can just go straight to the story. It is rated R for sex and violence. Jess Mabe left the fandom long ago and I have no working email for her. If anyone out there does and feels they can share it, I'd love to send her feedback. Please let us know what you thought, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent. You can make your suggestions for next time at the nomination post.

The Thirty-Sixth
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This is another story from the Spooky Awards Archive. "Etched" was the first place winner of the 1995 Spooky Awards for Best Sci-Fi Story, Best Horror Story, Best Action-Adventure Story, and Most Carteresque Story. This was one of the first stories I read from [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, where it was recced by [livejournal.com profile] cofax7.

What this story has to offer is a suspenseful plot, which would have made a heck of a monster-of-the-week movie, far better than the one we were presented with a couple of summers ago, and early season versions of Mulder and Scully. "Etched" contains a genuine and very frightening x-file, which is also a cross-over, but since the author didn't list what explicitly in the headers, I'll let the reader figure it out. I can personally assure you that no prior knowledge of that--source material--is needed to enjoy it. "Etched" does have some editing issues, but the exciting storyline should easily carry you past them.

This story is rated R for explicit language and violence. No warnings apply that I can think of.

If anyone knows of a way to contact Sean Smith, please do so, as I have no valid email address for him. As always, please let us know what you think. You can leave your suggestions for next time here at the nomination post.

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Back when I was still having a normal life, I took on a number of Geocities-related projects. One is to recreate The Spooky Awards Archive, complete with working links, but minus the hideous graphics. Even before the demise of Geocities, the links had all gone dead on the old site. I did finish 1995 and put it up at Dreamwidth. Now that I am back working on that project, I thought it might be fun to read some of the stories that won awards back in the day. Believe it or not, some of them still hold up very well.

"Genius" is vintage Kipler, well-written, with believable season two-three Mulder/Scully interaction. It's genfic, which was more common then than now, or so I've heard, but in any case seems perfectly appropriate to me for the time period. The story is a case file/x-file, told from Scully's POV, involving a child abduction. Since it's not been that long since her own abduction, I think it's fair to say that Scully is a little creeped-out by this investigation. We all know how Mulder is with child abduction cases.

"Genius" won the 1995 Second Place award for "Most Carteresque," which I suppose is short-hand for the story that most resembles the show itself. Since I liked the show best back in the first few seasons, I was eager to see what a fine fanfiction writer could come up with that could fit seamlessly into the series canon. Kipler does not disappoint.

Kipler's old site went down when AOL Hometown closed, so the link is to her site, way-backed.


If anyone is still in touch with her, please let her know we are discussing her story. Please leave suggestions for next time at the nomination post.
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Lullaby For A Stormy Night by [livejournal.com profile] loneraven was first posted here the same month and year I joined Live Journal in April 2007. It took me months to even figure out how to download an icon find my away around so this story didn't come to my attention until later. I think I first read it when I was going through the old discussion posts at fictalk.

It is a hard story to summarize in a few sentences so I thought I'd post an excerpt. She rates it mature, but categorizes it as gen (yea! genfic!). Warnings: none that I can think of. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] estella_c for the suggestion.

Read an excerpt )

Lullaby For A Stormy Night

A great opener, don't you think?

The link is to her account at Archive of Our Own but you can easily read it at her journal as well by clicking on "the x-files" tag. Please leave the author feedback, then come back and let us know what you think. Suggestions for next time can be made here.
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I intended to post this entry yesterday but Live Journal went down for "scheduled maintenance," just as I was signing back on. I love this story, but I hesitated to post it, because of the length. Most people will not comment on a long story and this one is over 300K, although it moves fast enough that it doesn't feel that long.

This was nominated by a lurker, "Tiger Janet," who has not actually been seen in these parts for awhile. If you are still out there, say hi, dear. But I know two other members/friends who have read it and liked it, for different reasons. Though he doesn't show up for a few sections, Alex Krycek is a major player in "Above Rubies." While he is just as dangerous and sexy as he is on the show, he has also been made into a real, three-dimensional character, with a back-story and everything. There is also a great police-procedural happening and some very hot romance. Scully is kick-ass, smart and sexy, Mulder is adorable, and getting into trouble ever minute. Yeah, he is smart and sexy, too. Honestly, this story has something to please nearly everyone, assuming you like long, very plotty, well-written MSR.

CLASSIFICATION: XRA (X-File, Romance, Angst)
RATING/CONTENT WARNING: NC-17 for sex, violence, other disturbing stuff. Please don't read if you're underage. Very violent imagery, though not any worse than the show's.
SUMMARY: Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.
KEYWORDS: MSR, mythology

The link is to her site. Please give feedback to the author, then come back and tell us what you think. Leave nominations for next time here.

One hundred stories is a milestone. Thank you for reading, for the excellent commentary on the stories, and for supporting this community.

Edit: It's actually 102 stories because the numbering got messed up a couple of times. But who's counting?
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What a great discussion we have been having of "Timeless" by Penelopody. Go, read, participate.

This week's story is nominated by Kate, who said she remembered "it struck a chord" and that she "would like to revisit it." I've never read it myself, but I like the sound of that. I am also interested in reading this because it is a concurrent and post-episode story, in this case covering Biogenesis, The Sixth Extinction, and Amor Fati. I will come clean and say I'm not terribly fond of those episodes, even though they do feature my favorite recurring minor character, Diana Fowley. However, this story is told from Scully's point of view, and I am very fond of her. I like [livejournal.com profile] bugsfic's writing, too.

SPOILER WARNING: The Pilot, Fire, Dreamland II, Field Trip, The
Unnatural, Biogenesis, 6th Extinction, Amor Fati
RATING: Mild 'R' for adult situations and language.
CLASSIFICATION: S, A, Scully POV, M/S UST, Post/Concurrent-episode
fiction covering Bio, 6E, AF.
SUMMARY: Scully has her own visions as she struggles to save

When I Dream, I Dream of White Horses

As always, let the author know what you think, then come back and let us know, too. Suggestions for next time can be made at the nomination post.
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Yes. I know, I am bypassing the queue again. I need humor, friends, and there is no humor to be found in the queue, just depressing and even more depressing story recs. It has been a long time since I've read this, but I remember it as being a very clever x-file, written by two premier writers from our fandom. And, if memory serves, it is quite funny, too.

Title: "Malus Genius, vel Hoc Lemma Nequiquam Latine Scribitur" (The Evil Spirit, or This Title Is Written In Latin for No Reason)
Category: X, R, A, H
Rating: mostly R (sexual situations, mature language, and implied violence), but there are a couple of NC-17 sections.
Spoilers: Brief episode references late in the story; no major spoilers. This is a stand-alone, with the typical stand-alone disregard for the mytharc.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance
Summary: What's *your* evil spirit?

Malus Genius

As usual, give love to the writers, let us know what you think and leave suggestions for next time. I swear, I will get back to them, eventually.
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So after much dilly-dallying, I am posting the long story, nominated by [livejournal.com profile] kukkaseksi, Madeleine Partous's "The Pact." The link I am giving you is from the Annex, but if you want it in shorter chunks, it is also at her author's page at Gossamer.

Yes, yes -- this is a relationship story. What can I say? It's what I do. It's also an X-File, complete with case and plot.

It's also rated NC-17, probably for the usual reasons. This will make some of us very happy, no doubt.

The Pact

If the email is still valid, let the author know what you think, then come back and tell us what you think, and remember to give us your suggestions. We are covered for a few more weeks, but after that, I been thinking about reading some Mulder/Krycek slash. . .


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