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Whenever I need cheering up, there are certain authors and fics I always revisit. Kel is one of those writers and this is one of those fics.

"Angular Momentum" is a gen-ish casefile/x-file which fits into canon, has the Mulder/Scully partnership at its center, and is written by an author who likes both characters! It’s mostly vintage Kel: snappy dialogue, intricate plotting, with a side order of political/social satire. The Lone Gunmen all play pivotal roles in this story, too. Oh! I nearly left out the best part: in a memorable and luminous sequence, Mulder and Scully journey to the "lower world," where they meet their spirit guides. This would have made a great episode, with its perfect mixture of humor, murder, and mysticism.

True confession. I love this story so much I commissioned fanart for it and gave it to the writer. Obviously, I love the writer, too. And the artist, Ravenari, is amazing. Click on the link after you’ve read the fic.

Collared Peccary and Gopher Snake by Ravenari

"Angular Momentum" by Kel
FEEDBACK: ckelll@hotmail.com
SPOILERS: The Blessing Way, One Breath, Teso Dos Bichos, The Calusari
KEYWORDS: Casefile, MS Friendship.
SETTING: Season 3
SUMMARY: “I have been on the bridge that spans two worlds, the link between all souls by which we cross into our own true nature.”
– Fox Mulder, “The Blessing Way”
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I ran into this story while perusing the YA author Malinda Lo's website. There's a small section of non-fiction which she wrote in grad school, and a website devoted to Dana Scully, which includes a small archive of Scully-centric fanfic. Yes, Malinda Lo is an X-Phile. I decided to reread some of the stories. This lovely story was in the section called "Disease/Dis-Ease." It's set during season two, after Scully has returned to work following her abduction.

Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,900
Author's Note: Takes place in November 1994 between "Firewalker" and "Irresistible." For the purposes of fiction I'm eliminating the month-long quarantine Mulder mentions at the end of "Firewalker."

Read "Loss of Yesterday": at Dreamwidth | as a txt file

You can leave feedback for the writer at DW. Please let us know what you think.

The nomination post is open for business, waiting for your suggestions.
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I've been reading a lot of fanfiction this past weekend, trying to figure out what to post. I kept ruling things out: too schmoopy, too earnest, too long, much too long, an excess of Mulder-torture, an excess of Mulder-worship, an excess of thinly veiled misogny Scully-hatred. Too many adverbs.


I worry that I've become the Goldilocks of fanfic readers. Well, enough about me.

"Rainbow Sign" is a crisply written post-ep for the season five episode "One Son." It's an insightful if bleak portrait of Mulder and Scully doing what they do best: working in tandem, following the evidence, and facing the grim truths of the conspiracy together.

Read Rainbow Sign at Dreamwidth. Also available at Gossamer, but not sadly, at AO3. Why X-Files Authors of Olde? Why don't you archive your X-Files fic there while you're archiving everything else? Nothing lives forever, not even Gossamer.

Please leave feedback for the author. You have no idea how cheering it is to wake up to find a comment or kudos on an old story in your inbox. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.
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This is probably one of those stories that got recced everywhere back in the day. It's so good I wish I'd written it. Cucumberspy has a lovely, spare style, plus an ear for dialogue and an eye for detail. Season nine, AU, thank God.

There are warnings on the author's header. Heed them.

Summary: She thinks there's nothing anyone can take from her now.

Read Telephones.

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Finally. She posts.

Hey now. I've been busy. With what? Yuletide, [livejournal.com profile] xf_santa, reccing for The X-Files at [livejournal.com profile] crack_van (and updating the fandom overview). And now, I have a new community with [livejournal.com profile] tree to celebrate Dana Scully's 50th birthday: [livejournal.com profile] scully_fest. Go check it out.

So. I've been looking everywhere for this story. As it turned out, the author wrote under a different name back in the day, changed it at Gossamer, then changed it again--as one does--on LiveJournal. Fortunately, she archived it at AO3, where I ran into it accidentally looking for something else entirely.

Ahem. I am supposed to be telling you why you should read this. Well, it's a funny, character-driven fic set between "Triangle" and "Dreamland". Mulder and Scully deal with the fallout from his bedside confession of love. He's caught between two realities and two women: the woman from his fantasy world in 1939 and his partner, Dana Scully. Her character voices are perfect--wherever Mulder's imagination takes him.

Read Sixty Degrees of Separation. You can easily leave feedback for the author at AO3.

If you're interested, this Chronicle X Author's interview can also be found at Fialka's Candybox.
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In "Monday," we watch Mulder and Scully live one day over and over again. They die over and over again, too, when a robbery attempt goes bad. It's The X-Files time loop episode. But Mulder and Scully aren't the true center of this drama; they don't even remember reliving it. The real protagonist is Pam, the bank robber's girlfriend, whose eventual death is the pivotal event that sets the universe back in motion. This story is about how she tries to stop the time loop, but it's also about what she does and where she goes, after she fails, time and time again.

Title: "Other People" (3955 words) by Pares
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Walter Skinner
Additional Tags: Groundhog Day, Episode: s06e14 Monday
Summary: Pam Driscoll and the longest day.

Read Other People at AO3. Or, if you prefer old school text files, the story can be found at Gossamer. Send feedback to the author, please. Then come back and let us know what you think.
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College Street, 924 words, Alex Krycek.

Author's summary: Krycek forgets himself, but only for a moment.

This short fic feels longer than it actually is, focusing tightly on a familiar character, paced in 'real time', so to speak, and full of small, vivid details that complement the idea of Krycek both as a sharp-eyed observer and as an outsider.

An excerpt:

He turned the corner and the city changed: dingy downtown office buildings and a half-empty mall behind him, and before him an expanse of trees and grass and a church of red brick and white paint like something off a fucking postcard. Beyond that, some kind of stone tower looming over the park, against the bright blue fall sky. Keep out, Krycek thought, that's not for you. He walked toward it anyway, noticing the stores getting fancier the closer he got to the college.

I love the sensory details in the story. They're never overplayed, and they're there for a reason: he's forgetting himself, losing himself in the little things around him. There's a subtle undercurrent running through the scene that reinforces how hyper-alert he is (and perhaps how much he craves forgetting), making the reader aware of his alienation from the environment around him and drawing the reader into his stream of consciousness very effectively. Although the fic doesn't try to thrust a character study down the reader's throat, it's a beautifully-done character sketch that leaves a lot to the reader's discretion and perceptiveness. A truly rewarding read.

Read 'College Street'. If you like the fic, don't forget to leave kudos/feedback! :-) If there's a fic you'd like to see recced, the nominations post is always open.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1 for suggesting this wonderful fic!

We Could Have Made Music (the link goes to AO3), 3025 words, rated R/Mature for violence and horror, is a great look at Teena Simmons and Cindy Reardon seven years after the events of ‘Eve’, and there’s also a wonderful section featuring a major character. The story is unsettling in the best way, as all well-written stories about amoral characters are. I also have a weakness for seeing well-known characters through the eyes of others, and DiscordantWords’ fic does so very compellingly.

A short excerpt:

They are fifteen years old, hale and hearty and healthy, tall and pale and quiet as churchmice. They have grown up to the music of Six's madness, her sobs and sniffles and laughter, the scrape of teeth against metal, the rasp of teeth against skin, the sick sweet wet sounds of tearing flesh.

No one looks in at Six, not even Eight when she comes to collect them. She is repulsed by her own insane, jagged reflection. Maybe she even fears that there will not be much left of Six after all this time, that the sounds they hear are her gnawing little bits of herself away until nothing remains. These thoughts are ephemeral, tucked in a gray foggy place that is hard to access without feeling sick and woozy and sleepy.

The first paragraph quoted above is also the fic summary, and there are spoilers for season 8.

I especially appreciate this sort of writing in the horror genre, that suggests more than it explicitly shows. It’s also a joy to see words chosen with such care and precision. Probably my favourite part of the story is the way it takes up where canon left off. The sense of continuity is really satisfying, especially with the chilling way in which Teena and Cindy “just know” what the other is thinking, and work in tandem. I ended up truly admiring the way in which the author distances the reader from the characters at the start, and then builds the narrative in a way that makes their points of view more accessible. A really wonderful read!

Read We Could Have Made Music. Do leave the author some appreciation, even if it's just kudos, and do come back and let us know what you think! :-) Don't forget to add your suggestions to the nominations post as well.
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Yes, the mod is bypassing the queue again. "Manitou" by the same author was recced by [livejournal.com profile] mogster495. While it may be excellent, my mood is such that I can't read a gruesome case file fic. My favorite fic by Dryad is "Quiet, He'll Hear You," but I can't handle it right now either.

I read "Local Boy" a number of years ago, but I'd forgotten how much I liked it. The setting is Martha's Vineyard, where Scully and Mulder have traveled so that he might take care of some family business. "Local Boy" is part one of a series, "Country of the Crepescule," but I think it works as a standalone. If you do go ahead and read the entire series, please let us know what you thought of it, too. Dryad said she pictured this as taking place during season three, which makes sense in context, but I thought it had more of a season six vibe myself.

The link is to AO3 but all of Dryad's fic can be read at Gossamer as well.

Read "Country of the Crepescule: Local Boy"

Please send the author feedback, even if you only hit the kudo button. Then come back and let us know what you think. Don't forget to leave your suggestions in the nomination post.
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It's too quiet around here, folks.

I just finished reading this next story, nominated by [livejournal.com profile] infinitlight. It's a carefully researched casefile, a very good one, if a little on the graphic side for me. (Damn. Why am I such a light-weight?) As it unfolds, it gets better and better, and has memorable climax and denouement. I'm classifying this as gen fic, Teen-for violence.

Title: Fragile
Author: Ophelia
E-Mail: OpheliaMac@aol.com
Rating: R--mature themes
Category: T, A
Spoilers: General Fourth Season, my own fanfic story, "Poison," and a story called "Favorite Child" by Lindsay, which gives an interesting interpretation on the choice the Consortium forced Bill Mulder to make.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully UST
Summary: Mulder and Scully are called in on a case described as an alien abduction, but Mulder suspects something both more commonplace and more sinister. Mulder angst, Scully angst, imaginary small town in Wisconsin angst.

You can try sending feedback to the author, although in my experience, fandom AOL addresses are mostly dead ends. Please let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.

Read "Fragile"
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I've been wanting to rec this fic for years; however, I must warn you: this is not the usual, cheery, feel-good holiday story, nor is it the sort of story we've come to expect from Kel. There are not many fic writers who can create believable, compelling original characters the way Kel can. Her narrator, now an adult with children of her own, recalls a traumatic day she spent at the Mulders, specifically the Thanksgiving immediately following Samantha's abduction.

Read an excerpt )

The link is to Fugues Fiction Archive but this can also be read at Gossamer.

Read "Hollow Day"

Don't forget to send feedback to the author, I know she'd appreciate it. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions. I'm especially interested in holiday stories right now.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to those who'll be celebrating next week.
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This story is told from Tooms's POV and it's just as creepy as that suggests. Elanor G is better known for her well-plotted casefiles, and they are excellent too, but this story is darkly original. The author rates it R but I would give it no more than a PG-13 for violence.

Please send the author some feedback and then let us know what you think.

Read "Undying".
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My apologies for the long delay between posts. I will say only that there were reasons.

I remember being very taken with this story when I first read it several years ago. It's an X-File story; in fact, "Fish for Fallen Light" would have made a good episode. Mulder has received reports of mysterious sightings off the coastline of California and wants to go mermaid-hunting. Scully is less than enthusiastic. There are some good original characters, some suspense and of course, there is a mystery for Mulder and Scully to solve. Rating is PG.

Read Fish for Fallen Light

This story is not archived at Gossamer so if you like it, you might want to save it in case her website goes down.
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As I'm not a big fan of the fantasy genre, I was leery of trying this story by Brighid. But I'm glad I did, and I think you will be, too. It's season four, a genfic X-file, with no specific spoilers. She also lists two keywords: Mulder & Faery. Her summary: Mulder falls down the rabbit hole. Well, that's one way to put it. The author rated it PG-13 for being "a bit weird and disturbing." Perhaps so, but this story is magical.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] xfdryad for the recommendation.

Read Sans Merci.

You can also read or download it at Gossamer.

If you like, send the author some feedback, then come back and let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.
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This story was nominated by [livejournal.com profile] write_out but it's one of my favorites now, too. Confession time: the first time I read it, I thought Mulder was being a little whiny. But I love him better now, so it's all good. Tesla's writing is smooth as silk and no one writes a better Mulder voice. Enjoy!

NEW: "Get Up, Mulder"
Author: Tesla
Rating: PG-13 for language
Keyword: MSR, spooning, post-movie

Summary: Mulder recalls the trip back

Spoilers: To "Fight the Future"

Mod note: It says "MSR" but I think it's noromo friendly.

Now I really need to give [livejournal.com profile] tesla321 her own tag. Seriously, is there anything of hers we haven't read? See, we do use the suggestions from our nomination post, so go suggest some more, please.

Read "Get Up, Mulder".
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I was originally considering something fluffy after last week's horror and gloom, but then this fic lured me in with its spare, eerie tone and the unique way it makes use of several important loose threads the series left us with.

So this week's rec is the story of how young William Van de Kamp uncovers the truth about who he is, and what's happening to the world. It's set between the years 2005 and 2012, and it deftly weaves a lot of impact into only 8K of writing.

In My Secret Life by David Hearne

And for those of you who find this sort of info interesting: the posting date on this fic is stamped May 20, 2002 - the day after the series finale aired. When Hearne gets a story in his head he clearly doesn't hesitate.

Craving something longer, smuttier, happier? Have a specific fic you'd like to discuss? The comments thread is always open.

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Fourteen stories in 28 days. Are you ready?

Our first selection is the perfect way to start our mini-fic marathon. "Our Mulders" was nominated by [livejournal.com profile] littlegreen42. Written way back in 1997, it is the first in a group of short-short stories Punk came to name the "Ours" series. "And in changing them, we made them ours." I see it as a love-letter to Fox Mulder and to fan-fiction writers for The X-Files.

"Our Mulders"

Posted two years later, "Our Scullys" is a little darker, a little more painful to read, at least for me, and surprisingly prescient, given the ending of the series.

"Our Scullys"

The links are to Archive of Our Own, where you can read the rest of the series, and everything else Punk has written, too.
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During the discussion of "Dance," a couple of members mentioned they'd enjoy the chance to read more early season fanfiction. Compared to seasons four and beyond, it's a neglected part of the canon, with plenty of space for the aspiring fic writer to work in. So why do people keep re-writing the same old tired tropes stories, over and over again? No, really, I want to know. Post your theory, if you have one, in comments.

In "Alchemy," [livejournal.com profile] tree gives us an incisive look at Mulder, his contradictions on full display. He's arrogant yet insecure, suspicious of Scully and her motives, yet longing for a deeper connection to her, one he can barely imagine. Of course, we also get a look at Special Agent Dana Scully, as seen through the eyes of one Special Agent Fox Mulder. As always, tree's writing is pitch perfect, clear, yet lyrical.

The quality of silence late at night is different from other silences he's known. It is crisper, larger; all hush and echo. Sound travels more readily, satellite images are clearer. He imagines telepathy might also be easier at night, possibly psychokinesis. Anything requiring clarity, really, and distance. But the stillness has an underwater feeling, too, the press of liquid and held breath.

Mulder moves away from the window, past the soft light of the fish tank. The room is lit by its blue glow and the streetlights outside. Arms folded across his chest, the bump of his heart is an odd experience, half heard, half felt. He thinks the sound of his blood moving would be like the ocean. If only his body was a shell he could press his ear against - the vibrations a little bit hollow, somehow inside out.

"I'm not a part of any agenda. You've got to trust me." Her voice echoes in his head sometimes like that. Maybe memory is a sort of telepathy. Maybe he's just crazy. She said that to him once, but she was laughing at the time. He liked it.

He likes her. And he doesn't want to.

I love this story so much I want to have its babies. How's that for insightful commentary?

No warnings, except spoilers for the Pilot, Deep Throat and Squeeze. The link is to her account at Archive of Our Own, where you can also check out the rest of her work, and leave her comments.

Read it here: "Alchemy".
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Although participation has been down the past few weeks, we keep adding members. And watchers, and lurkers, too.


"Dance" is a unique story. It is not exactly a casefile, although there is a case, of a sort. It's not exactly a romance, either, but it is about Mulder and Scully, and about their partnership, their friendship. Their unspoken mutual attraction. The setting, bohemian South Street in Philadelphia, plays a big role. The denizens of South Street, the alternative street scene, the gay bars, the clubs, all play their parts to perfection. This story is a vivid snapshot of a particular time and place.

It's near the beginning of season two. The X-Files are shut down. Scully is back doing autopsies and teaching, Mulder is stuck in his cubicle, listening to reel after reel of audio surveillance tape. Out of the blue, Mulder gets a call from an old friend, who wants him to come to South Street to investigate a murder, off the books.

Rattling the car keys again he looked away, then looked back. “Hey, do you want to come? Sleep on the floor? See a few bars? Live the bohemian life?”

“You’re going to Philly to check out the bars?”

“No, a demon. Wooooooo. Spooky, huh? Want to come?”

Of course, at 5:00 on Friday, he takes off to chase his demon. When Scully's weekend plans fall through, she decides a trip to Philadelphia doesn't sound half bad, even if she does have to sleep on the floor. Scully still thinks of herself as Dana. She still thinks she can have a life.

The writing is terrific: concise, even spare yet evocative. I liked this story enough that I spent the better part of a day reformatting it so I could post it to Fugues Fiction Archive. If you love to read text files, of course, you can read it at Dith's Page at Gossamer.

Why have we not heard of "Dance"? I'm just guessing, but perhaps genfic, with subtle ust, was much more common, and dare I say it, more appreciated back in 1995. Yes, you read that right. This story was posted to Gossamer in March, 1995.

Just for a little extra treat, here's an itty-bitty post-IWTB vignette by Voleuse, "The Ignorance of Loving". It's short but sweet, so leave some feedback.

Dith, if by some chance you're reading, thanks for the memories. Early second season Mulder and Scully. Yum.

Read "Dance", then let us know what you think. The nomination post is always open.
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This is a short week due to my preoccupation with the election here, so instead of the long casefile nominated by [livejournal.com profile] kukkaseksi, we are reading the cute short story instead. Next week, I promise. If anyone wants to get a head start, next we are going to read "The Pact" by Madeleine Partous. The link is to her page at Gossamer, where you can find it in three, easier to digest chunks, rather than the big honking Annex link I am posting it with for real.

Aspirations of Closure is too short to say much about. It's from Scully's point of view and it's gen. And funny.

Since her fic doesn't seem to be at Gossamer, here is a link to her old site, waybacked. If anyone knows of a newer, working link, let me know.

Jill Selby Fanfic

Edit: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rollsofrice, here is another link: Jill Selby Fanfic.

Go read it and feed the author, come back and tell us what you think, and people, I need some more recs, please. I have the next couple of weeks covered, but after that. . .


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