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We're continuing with the theme of stories that are gap-fillers.

After discussing "Atlas," I knew I wanted to post another story about Mulder and Scully which dealt with the disruption in their lives after leaving the FBI. Since the six episode revival was announced, I thought it would be fun to read a story set in the time frame immediately following IWTB, leading up to the present day. "The Tourists" is set post-series, post-IWTB, and post-2012, the year in which alien colonization was supposed to begin--except--it didn't.

Rating: Teen and up, no warnings apply
Summary: Struggling to find purpose in a world where they are no longer relevant, two former FBI agents take an aimless trip through their own past.
Author's Notes: Written in a big, sappy rush of nostalgia and affection for the show. So much nostalgia.

Wendy's Notes: But it's nostalgic in a good way, I promise you.

Read "The Tourists" - at AO3 | at Discordant Words

I'd love to know what you think of the story. The nomination post is always open for your suggestions.
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Commenting is fixed, thanks to LJ support.

Since my last post, Fox made the announcement that The X-Files is coming back for six episodes, date as yet to be determined. I hope Chris Carter has some idea of how to bridge the distance between IWTB and whenever he decides to set these six episodes. From past experience, my guess is he won't. It will be up to our fanfic writers to fill in the gap.

As it happens, our next story is gap-fic for the period between "The Truth" and the second movie, by a fine, new-to-the-fandom writer. It's episodic, character-driven, and written in third person omniscient, which almost never works for me in fic. It works here--the transitions feel seamless and naturalistic. Sohmer understands these characters, and writes them with unusual empathy and intelligence. I loved this fic and I hope you do, too.

Rating: Teen
Warnings: Author chose not to use archive warnings.
Characters: Dana Scully/Fox Mulder
Word Count: 3697
Summary: "This is how they live: shadow people on an edge of reality, here but not, shapes phasing into the periphery, deeper into some ghosted liminality."

Read atlas.
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This fic wasn't on the nomination post; instead, an earlier story of Seema's, Where the Heart Is was the nominee. After reading, I resisted posting that fic for a number of reasons. The person who nominated the story wasn't a member, which was fine, but she had no interest participating in the discussion, which seemed odd--at the time. It's not a bad fic but I had trouble with the characterization of Scully, which is unsurprising given how I felt about the movie.

Wanting a shorter fic to post, I reread it this weekend. I also read "Compass," her prequel to the movie. I think Seema's telling essentially the same story in both fics but in this case, the longer story works much better. "Compass" didn't get a lot of attention back in 2009, which is a shame. It's closer in theme to the movie than more popular pre-movie stories such as [livejournal.com profile] onpaperfirst's "Home, Home," or CazQ's "Hard Times Come Again No More." (Don't get me wrong, I loved both of of those fics.) I wish I'd read it before [livejournal.com profile] crack_van closed.

Summary: The truth was a harsh compass. Set after "The Truth" and before the XF2 movie, "I Want to Believe." Anything up to and including the movies are potentially spoilerific. Just one interpretation of how our heroes got to where they were in the movie.
Rated: Teen - Drama/Romance - Fox Mulder, Dana Scully - Words: 22,155

Read "Compass" at FF.net | her website. Leave feedback for the author, and join us for the discussion.
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Of all the XF fanfic authors I can call to mind, I tend to think of JL (the artist previously known as Jamie Lyn) as the one whose writing has undergone the greatest transformation over the years. Even accounting for the fact that her fics were posted over an almost ten year period, there’s still a remarkable transformation in her work, from the enjoyably dramatic and tempestuous fics of 1999, to some rather more somber, subtle, and conceptually complex fics in later years.

This week’s fic, "Sandcastles for Pele," was recced by [livejournal.com profile] selynne. It’s going to be another one of those times when I’m reading along with those of you who haven’t read this fic before. I can, however, at least tell you that it’s post IWTB fic, and that at least part of it takes place in Hawaii - a long way from the DC-basement days of old. In the author's notes JL says, "If I had to describe it, I would say that it is... not at all what you think it is." Going by my memory of some of her other fics, I doubt she’s overstating things.

Send feedback, give us your recommendations, and please do come back for the discussion.

Read Sandcastles for Pele.

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I was originally considering something fluffy after last week's horror and gloom, but then this fic lured me in with its spare, eerie tone and the unique way it makes use of several important loose threads the series left us with.

So this week's rec is the story of how young William Van de Kamp uncovers the truth about who he is, and what's happening to the world. It's set between the years 2005 and 2012, and it deftly weaves a lot of impact into only 8K of writing.

In My Secret Life by David Hearne

And for those of you who find this sort of info interesting: the posting date on this fic is stamped May 20, 2002 - the day after the series finale aired. When Hearne gets a story in his head he clearly doesn't hesitate.

Craving something longer, smuttier, happier? Have a specific fic you'd like to discuss? The comments thread is always open.

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Marasmus wrote the bulk of her X-Files fanfic during the latter half of the show's heyday. Most of her fics are short to moderate in length - misleadingly small word counts when you consider that each of her fics manages to be strikingly unique, full of resonances and implications that keep you thinking about them long after you've finished reading. Cellphone, to my knowledge, was her most popular story, but A Candle for Katherine also turns up on more than a couple of recs pages, and for good reason. It's a post series fic that is refreshingly unlike any other post series fics I've come across. It's adventurous and poignant and Marasmus manages to write an original character who is likeable. It even won a couple of Spooky awards back in 2000. Obviously I'm a fan, but don't take my word for it, follow the link and experience a little post-series adventure for yourself.

A Candle for Katherine

Marasmus is still around to some extent. She's [livejournal.com profile] finisterre, and you can also head over here to read A Candle for Katherine on LJ, with additional retrospective author's notes, and give her some much deserved feedback.

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Next up, a lovely bit of post-series on-the-lam fic.

Fandom: The X-Files
Pairing/Characters: Mulder/Scully
Content Advisory: Sex
Words: 741
Summary: The art of memory. Post-series, written for xf_pornbattle prompt 'lightning'.

the even-numbered pages are the past by [livejournal.com profile] bravenewcentury
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I hope everyone is having a fine weekend. Our next selection is a short-short by [livejournal.com profile] threeguesses. I like everything of hers I've read. You can find the rest of her work at her Master List of Fic.

What else? 600 words. No warnings. Summary: William meets a girl in the garden.

"Silver Bells and Cockle Shells"
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Recently, I was asked to post another very fine IWTB prequel story here, but I'm posting this instead because in a very few days I expect you will not be able to read it anywhere on the internet, not unless I go ahead and create THE OUTLAW FANFICTION ARCHIVE, Where Unwanted Stories Go to Hide from Their Authors.

If you read my fandom journal, here or at Dreamwidth, then you already know that CazQ has deleted [livejournal.com profile] cazfic, taken down her website, and requested that all of her stories be removed from fanfiction archives, including Gossamer. Since then, she has also blocked her site from The Wayback Machine with robots.txt. Her Author's Page at Gossamer is still up, but will most likely be gone by the next update, which I expect will be in July, since the last one was April 8th. This is a grievous loss.

Just as she is one of the finest writers to have ever graced our fandom, "Hard Times Come Again No More" is one of the best, if not the best story to have come out of the ashes of the second TXF movie. It's so good that I can almost forgive 1013 for inflicting that travesty on the fandom.

She feels, out of nowhere, deeply and unassuageably homesick for another Mulder, one she knows is a long time dead now: a lean and hungry-eyed white knight in a horrible tie, with much of the wide-open wonder of the boy still clinging to him, who would stick his fingers straight into any unidentified substance but could never just come right out and say what he meant. That Mulder who stood too close to her in morgues; always assumed he was going to drive; raised his hackles every time another man leant in too close to talk to her; stood like a gunslinger with his hands on his hips whenever he wanted to argue a point; made her sit through innumerable basement slideshows, and played travel Scrabble with her in hospital rooms for hours on end.

This is exactly how I feel about both of them. I miss them terribly; sadly, I missed them even more after seeing I Want To Believe. CazQ wrote the story I had been wanting to read ever since I left the theater back in July 2008.

Go read it. Go read all of her stories and save them to your hard drive. Comment about any of them; I'd love to know what you think. Just do it soon.

The link is to her page at Gossamer, scroll down until you find the title. Her Gossamer Page has now been deleted. If there is something of hers you want to read, I have everything saved.

"Hard Times Come Again No More"
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Fathoms Five was first nominated in September of last year by [livejournal.com profile] scarletbaldy, and then again about a month ago by [livejournal.com profile] antfarmponies. It's been suggested to me informally a couple of times, too. I had hesitated to post it for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the subject matter is profoundly disturbing.

Yes, THAT IS A WARNING. Email or PM me if you need more specific information before reading this story.

But it's a major work, by a major writer. It's also her best work, in my humble opinion, and I hope we can do it justice. I don't want to say anything more specific for fear of giving away too much. As always, there will be spoilers in the comment threads.

Penumbra's planning to let her website go down soon (sob, I know, another one), so I'm also linking to her journal. Of course, the story is archived at Gossamer, too.

Again, this story contains disturbing material that might be triggering.

At her website, "Fathoms Five." EDIT: This version has a warning that is a spoiler.

And, at her journal: Part One, Part Two. EDIT: This version has no warning posted.

As always, leave feedback for the author, and then come back for discussion. Suggestions for next time may be left at the nomination post.
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This week I am posting a wonderful The X-Files/Dr.Who cross-over story by [livejournal.com profile] finisterre,"The Flexible Concept of Tomorrow." [livejournal.com profile] finisterre is the fic journal of the artist formerly known as Marasmus. She left our fandom, and came to LJ, I suppose, with the big fandom migration from the usenet groups. From what I can tell, she had virtually stopped posting her fic writing.

I didn't want to admit even to myself at the time how much of a high-wire act writing felt like to me and when my friends came in with all kinds of corrections and opinions -- even though they were solicited and almost always correct in what they said, particularly about structure and inauthenticity -- it started to interfere with my enjoyment of the process.

Then last year, she fell in love with the character of Donna Noble from the new Dr. Who series.

On Valentine's Day, she gave us a gift of a story so tender and moving that I can barely type, because I keep having to stop to wipe tears from my eyes. The origin of the story is, quite ironically, a prompt someone posted last year, at the first [livejournal.com profile] xf_pornbattle, for Mulder/Donna: redheads.

Despite this quirky beginning, it is absolutely not a Mulder/Other story, nor is there any porn. The story is definitely MSR, but it would help, if you are not a Dr. Who fan, to acquaint yourself with the character of Donna, most especially with her fate at the end of the 2008 season. Knowing this will give additional meaning to the story, although I read and enjoyed it for the first time knowing nothing more about Donna Noble than that she was the tenth doctor's companion for the past season.

"The Flexible Concept of Tomorrow, or Five Times Donna Noble Remembers Meeting That Bloke With The Stupid Name (And One Time She Doesn't)." Part I and Part II.

a short excerpt behind the cut )

Go read, fall in love, and give praise to the author. This story is officially my favorite cross-over ever. Now I have to start watching that show.
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This is another story about William. It is a coming-of-age story wrapped around the myth-arc. There are guest appearances by Mulder and Scully, some very familiar ghosts, and the daughter of two other FBI agents. I think you can guess which ones. While not a perfect story, it is a fun read, and very different from the others I have posted these past couple of weeks.

The Great Baseball Prodigy of Caribou Cove

This is the final post for our fic-a-day marathon. After this, the community will be on hiatus, until I get up the energy to do the weekly posts, or until my fellow mods do. Any volunteers?

Look for us again by the beginning of September as I know can't stay away from reading fan fiction for too long. It's my only vice. I will be removing moderated commenting, as I believe it is no longer needed. I hope this has been as fun for you as it has been for me.

Don't forget to let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.

See you in September!
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I may have mentioned here once before my aversion to babyfic, kidfic, anything having to do with William, really. Ahem. Then along came this vignette by Meredith, which was originally posted in 2002, for a Scullyfic challenge, then reposted here on Live Journal, just this past July. What can I say, I love this little story about William, as he is growing up with his adopted parents, all the while using his special abilities, to listen for his "Faraway Parents."

Said the Night Wind

As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.
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This is a story I gleaned from reading through [livejournal.com profile] frey_at_last's post-series fanfic entries on del.icio.us. In "Waiting for the Longest Time," missparker85 imagines what sort of life Scully might choose to live if she was no longer with Mulder.

Dana Scully is 43 when she first marries. Mulder is gone, gone. Two years after she saw him last, driving away from her deeper into the desert, her lawyer calls her and informs her that she has inherited a house on Martha’s Vineyard.

This was an entertaining read, and despite the Scully/Other label, it is very safe for all the MSR fans out there.

Waiting for the Longest Time

As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.
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In contrast to yesterday's story, today we have "In the Usual Way (Inches a Year)" by Sarken. It's very short, rated G, and gives a lot of thought to drugstore haircolor.

In the Usual Way (Inches a Year)

Leave Sarken a comment, leave us a comment, and tell us what you want to read next time.
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Today's story is "Badlands" by J.S. Michel. It's--surprise!--set post-series, but this time we follow Doggett and Reyes through post-invasion Mexico. There are also a couple of unexpected familiar faces...but you'll have to read it to find out who they are.


Your to-do list:
1. Let the author know what you think.
2. Let us know what you think!
3. Give us your suggestions for next time.
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In her post-episode short story "Grace," Bardsmaid takes on the unenviable task of creating a sympathetic portrayal of a character who is little more than a cypher in the series. The story's structure is simple: it takes Marita Covarrubias from her drive home after her unwilling appearance as a witness at Fox Mulder's trial to her small apartment, where she takes off her clothing, puts on a nightgown and goes to bed. The more important journey is an interior one, into her mind and her psyche. The writing is exceptional, full of the details and nuance that create a character with whom one can believe in and empathize.


As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.
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When this story was posted back in November last year, I wept while I was reading it. While it is as dark a vision of a post-"The Truth" Mulder as I ever want to see, the story is beautifully written, contains startling imagery, and is an excellent character study. "Coda" is set immediately after "The Truth," and explores what it is like for a Hero when he no longer has his quest.


As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.
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This Scully POV vignette takes off immediately after the end of "The Truth." All they have now is a black SUV, the clothes on their backs, and each other.


As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.
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This story offers a very different take on what the future holds for our heroes. It begins many years after the events of "The Truth," in a post colonization world. The war has come and gone, the good guys have won, and now there are other battles to face, more personal ones, some of them the sort that we all may face at some point in our lives. Mulder is facing a chronic, debilitating illness, albeit with Scully there at his side. Having discovered that William's adopted parents are dead, they want to be reunited with their son.

The premise sounds depressing but it really is not. I enjoyed this gentle, loving tale of disability faced with courage and resilience. And Love. The title is from a poem by W.B. Yeats.

Whose Work Has Come to Nothing

As always, let the author know what you think; let us know what you think; and please, give us your suggestions for next time.


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